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NO: 29 NOV 1982 Capitol Theatre - Sydney, Australia

courtesy of MDMArchive No setlist for this performance has surfaced to date...much less a recording. This was posted by one "Brubut" on DIME in the 2018 timeframe, in a thread about Irvine Meadows 1985: "Thanks for posting this. It reminds me of the first NO gig I saw at The Capitol Theatre Sydney in 1982. I was the record company person looking after support John Cooper Clarke and he and NO decided to do a surprise encore of Lady Godiva's Operation.  JCC spent the day at my place learning the lyrics. On the night most people had started leaving the show due to the New Order Don't do Encores signs everywhere when they came back on for a stunning and unique version of the VU track.  The sad news is back at the hotel later that night drinking with NO and JCC I was briefly (legally) in possession of the desk tape but someone from NO's crew asked for it back. Question is, has anyone got a recording of this show, in particular the encore?" Now that would be s

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