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NO: 10 MAY 1983 - Victoria Hall - Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent

  Fractured / Image Playlist Setlist Your Silent Face, Ceremony, Ultraviolence, Procession, We All Stand, ICB, 586, Dreams Never End, Blue Monday, In A Lonely Place Craig Wood writes: "I was front circle, first row. I got comped in that night, they'd sold out of actual tickets and I had a letter from Barry Hime (major ticket seller- he founded the Piccadilly Box Office ticket agency) to the promoter. It did get me in, though. My friend Kim (who lived in Hanley) suggested we head straight upstairs, better view, no 'football hooligan' fans getting in the way, and I could record and take pictures uninterrupted. Ever thoughtful, our Kim. The security at Hanley was always a bit over-zealous, I had to be careful again later that year when I recorded EC on the Punch The Clock tour after the Hacienda show got pulled... I remember that this was the show where Barney kept taking off layers of clothing. He must have

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