NO: 03 JUL 1993 Roskilde Festival, Denmark



Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, World, Special, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss, Fine Time

Source taken from MP3s on site. I also have MP3s from Lars Nellemann's Anthology collection. I suspect (but have not verified) that these are taken from the same source. Both only feature the first eight tracks, with True Faith being cut.  A few more versions have shown up since then, including a full video shot on the right side (stage left, facing out).

Ruined In A Day

PH:  "Good Evening."

First fifty seconds are muffled then sound clears up somewhat.

BS: "Thanks very much."

PH:  "" [track split cuts out the rest of the sentence]


No intro or thanks here from Bernard. Nothing really stood out,

Dream Attack

PH: "Word(?) How we doing? [sounds like 'peace'] Hello. This is Dream Attack."

I say the sound picks up a bit. Bernard makes a sub-audible comment at around 2:55. There's some girl who shouts through this track a couple of times, annoying. Some loud rat-tat-tat type drum sound in the beginning, too.


BS:  "Now this is the one I'd thought we do. Try keeping the lights down a bit...Andy. Twat. Up more.

They play World.

BS:  "Thank you."


The first and only time New Order perform this song live.

Some high-pitched shimmering keyboard stuff, and a hookline to start things off, then the main keyboard melody. Well worth hearing. Hooky twangs his bass, and then the band get right into...

As It Is When it Was

The first line gets lost in the live mix for some reason.

The song ends with some guitar noodling/tuning-type stuff.

BS says a few words I can't make out. Hooky says in a low pictched tone "yeah"...and Barney says a few words after that.

Everyone Everywhere

BS:  "Whoa."

They play EE,

BS:  "Thank you."

True Faith

BS:  "We will attempt to speed things up a little bit now because we know you're all pissed up, drunk, and full of spunk."  (thanks to clover182 for the correction)

The recording cuts us right in the middle of Hooky's bass solo, bummer!

BS:  "Thank You.  I love you.  I love the lot of you.  

He says a few more words but his mic starts to cut out.

Bizarre Love Triangle

BS:  "One Two"

(at end)

BS:  "Thank you!"


A bit of chatter from a guy closer to the taper, one guy saying "How you doin'?"  

PH:  "What about you out there?"

(at end)

BS:  "Thank you."

The Perfect Kiss concludes the main set.

Band disappear for a minute before they come on and encore with Fine Time.

BS:  "Thank you.  You're the best audience I've ever played to.  I love you all!"

Ends in a hooky bass solo.


VID #1 (AMA) - Filmed by Rollingrock Videos, missing the first half of RIAD.

AUD #1 - Bought by DJ 50 Pound Note in a Dallas record store.  First 8 tracks only.

AUD #2 - H.V / Sony WM-D6.  Start of Temptation missing.  67m long.

AUD #3 - JWi / Sony WM-D3 + PC-62 mics.  Speed problem with Temptation.

AUD #4 - Danish DAT guy (Lars) / Sony TC-D5M / two Sony ECM150 mics.  Break between True Faith and Bizarre Love Triangle (the master flip point) and another break between BLT and Temptation (AUD1 flip). Ends after 'Fine Time' with compere saying "they are not coming back, I'm sorry"

AUD #5 - willer / Sony WM-D3 (built-in mics).  Shared to DIME on 2011-06-04.


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