NO: 29 AUG 1993 - Reading Festival


Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, Round And Round, World,As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss

(encore)  Fine Time, Blue Monday

This transcript is taken from an audience tape from the Reading '93 performance. The radio broadcast (via the Electronic Ecstasy bootleg) cuts out many choice verbal cuts here, the sound quality of the audience boot is OK, if a bit hissy at high volume.

Electronic Ecstasy bootleg, from 'Irvine Bhoy'

However a complete FULL BBC transcription disc has finally seen the light of day, with amazing sound, easily the best quality recording that is known to be available of the band.   Courtesy of fire cat.

Ruined In A Day

BS: "Hello!"

This was not audible on the audience tape, or the taper started the recording after the salutation.

(after song finishes)

BS: "Thank you!"


PH: "Good evening, England? How we doing? This is Regret."

Not present on radio broadcast.

Another thanks from Bernard.

Then follows some actual banter from Bernard...

BS: "Sorry, we've got a bit of a tuning problem up here on stage. I'm out of tune....or maybe everyone else is out of tune with me." Everybody goes "oooh" at the apparent insult.

Naturally not present for the radio broadcast either, unless otherwise indicated assume it's not present.

BS: "Won't take a minute"

(here I presume some roadie's frantically tuning his guitar)

BS: "That's better, this is Dream Attack." 

Dream Attack is left off the radio version.

Bernard actually eeps at one point, during the final verse.

BS: "Thank you."

Round And Round

Hooky breathes into the microphone, intoning a sultry "Babyyyyy..."

PH: "I wanna come down and kiss each and every one of you. But I'd probably catch something really nasty."

Thanks to Tracey Spivey for providing the second line!

Annoyingly, the audience starts singing along and humming and the melody. Hooky plays his guts out here, beautiful basslines from the man.

BS: "'k you. Thanks a lot."

Some "Nuuorder, nuuorder" chants.

There's a tape edit, and the sound gets noticably better, with the lyrics louder in the mix. (audience version)

                    (VID #2 source, thanks to Epitaxial-TV for preserving)


BS: "Thank you....Great lyrics on that one."

(the radio version has 'Great lyrics...')

As It Is When It Was

(you can make out the lyrics, at least compared to the LP version)

"How can someone like you be that low?" being one line I've never been able to recognize heretofore this performance.

Radio version has "Thank you".  This is from odonnellpaul, with the original audio (VID #1).

Everyone Everywhere

BS: "'k you...alright."

Radio version has:

BS: "Thank you...this is the last slow one you'll be glad to hear..."

(may be present on audience tape, or not present due to internal edit or A/B switch)

True Faith

Of course, can't forget to mention this all-time classic:

"When I was a very small boy
Michael Jackson played with me
Now that we've grown up together
He's playing with my willy."

The 'Michael Jackson' and 'willy' parts are blanked out of the full BBC version.  

This is from odonnellpaul, with the original audio (VID #2).

(after song completes)

BS: "Here we go..."

Bizarre Love Triangle

Literally everybody starts to sing along.

Another round of "Nuuorder, nuuorder" chants...

BS: "Thank you. Don't believe all you read in the papers...even if I say it."

(The radio broadcast has this edited to have this appear it was said at the end of TF, as it doesn't include BLT)

More chants for the group.


(on the audience version, somebody says something like 'the shit(?) goes down' over the PA...weird)

(VID #1 source, thanks to Epitaxial-TV for preserving)
BS: "Muchas Gracias."

The Perfect Kiss

(VID #2 source, thanks to Epitaxial-TV for preserving)

Original share by odonnellpaul

Fine Time

(the wait between the encore is edited out)

BS: "Thank you. This is, eh, Fine Time."

Unique intro bass riff I've not heard in any other version, which is repeated throughout the song. I suspect that, since I didn't notice the same during the audience recording, this may have been added in the studio for the radio version.

Bernard whoops at the end.

BS: (at completion) "Thank you."

Blue Monday

BS: "This is that fucking song again. But hey, it's our biggest hit!"

A song introduction for the ages. Naturally, the first sentence is absent in the radio version, but is present in the full BBC version.

And there's more of that wonderful whistling...

Song ends with a bass solo, and feedback, as the crowd finishes up by chanting like football hooligans.

Kevin Maidment reports:

"Interesting to hear the Reading 93 audience recording (i was there)... i remember all the talk beforehand of them possibly splitting up (and they wouldn't say aye or nay) and remember how they left the stage that night to the sound of 'Que Sera Sera' by Doris Day."



VID #1 (AMA) - John Brown - Hi8, taped on a Sony P5-90HMP tape, filmed house right.  Master taped over in 1997, but copies are extant.

VID #2 (AMA) - MP, filmed house left.

Full video playlist

SBD #1 - BBC Transcription disc

FM #1 - Radio 1 -'Electronic Ecstasy' bootleg

AUD #1 - Sony WM-D3, Aiwa CM-30

AUD #2 - Sony WM-D6. Best sounding audience source.  

AUD v3 - unknown, said there are three audience recordings of this show.


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