NO: 04 AUG 1993 Meadowlands Arena - East Rutherford, New Jersey


With SunScreem and 808 State.


Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, Round And Round, World, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss
(encore) Fine Time, Blue Monday

This transcription was done in 2023, so pardon if it doesn't seem up to my old standard.

After Ruined In A Day

BS:  "Woo...'k you!"

taper (maybe sarcastically):  "Feeling well in the are you?"  

BS:  "Thank you.  This is Regret."

(after) BS:  "Woo...'k you!"

Dream Attack

BS:  "Thank you, we're gonna sneak up on you tonight."

(after)  BS:  "Thank you!"

Round and Round

PH:  "How are you doing?  Hey!  That's better.  I'm still not fucking awake."

(after)  BS:  "Woo!  Thank you."

taper (or someone near him):  "Eat shit.  Too fucking loud man!"

BS:  "Thanks very much.  I'm Bernard, this is Peter, that's Stephen, and this is Gillian.  And this is World."

(after)  BS:  "Woo!  Thank you.  Thanks a lot!"

As It Is When It Was follows.

(after)  BS:  "Thank you."

BS:  "Okay, we're gonna speed things up a little bit now, and inject a little bit adrenaline into our set.  This is True Faith."  You can simultaneously hear a woman state "what?", as the Mancunian accent still causes comprehension issues.

A/B flip between TF and Bizarre Love Triangle, which is not on the master, but a cassette upstream on this Nth gen, so has been patched in the one being presented, as program content repeats at this point.

There's also a bit of tape wear at this point that had to be patched.

BS:  "Whew". 

(heard right before the first verse).

On tape, the end of this track is faded out for some reason.  Likely the A/B flip in the original.

taper:  "Not a fella."

BS:  "Thank you.  This is Temptation."

BS:  "Thanks very much.  

The Perfect Kiss

BS:  "Let's get into it."

Brief cut between main set and encore tracks.

BS:  "This is Fine Time" (as Hooky vamps on bass)

Blue Monday closes out the proceedings.


AUD #1 - unknown taper, Nth gen, had brief gaps (not DAO) between tracks.  Audience cheering at the end of BLT faded out.


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