NO: 24 JUL 1993 Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View CA



Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, Round And Round, World, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss, Blue Monday

My first New Order concert.  I enjoyed it though there was a couple making out which were about as good getting my attention as the band themselves.

I have two versions of this gig, a bad-sounding MP3 version, and a much nicer version taped with a Sony D3 + Sony P62 mic, the latter of which has been upped to YouTube.

Gig reviews

David Penney review (NOOL)

Eric Wang review (NOOL)

Intro music by 'Electrik Music'

Ruined In A Day

BS: "Hi everyone, we're New Order."

BS: "Where's my setlist, guys? I [can't make out] this is happening, [more mumbling probably asking what the next song is]"

PH: "Regret."

They play Regret.

BS: "Thank you."

PH: "It's nice to be back."

Dream Attack

BS: "Thank you."

PH: "How we doin', kids? Thank you [I think]. Nice to be wanted."

Round And Round

There's some degredation of the D3 copy, at the 2:30 point.

BS: "'k you. Thanks very much. It's good to be back after all this time. Listen...[can't make out rest]"


BS: "This is World."

BS: "Thank you." Bernard then mutters, "Listen up" or something that sounds like it. And then he plays a beautiful bit on the guitar.

BS: "This is the slow section of the set.  This is As It Is When It Was".

BS: "Thank you. I know it's great fun to bounce...but [save it for a?]... dance song..." [Can't comepletely make this out, fustrating]

Everyone Everywhere

More guitar tuning.

PH: "Here we go."

They play the song.

BS: "We're gonna speed enough a little bit."

PH: "This is [mumble]..."

Somebody in the audience says, "Manchester". Some guitar tuning...
True Faith and Bizarre Love Triangle follow.

BS: "Thank you. Thanks a lot." [and something else i can't make out, two words.]


BS" "Thank you. One, deux, tres...".

The Perfect Kiss

About thirty seconds of cheering before the tape fades out.

Blue Monday

BS: "Thank you very much. We're gonna do one song, one song. Guess what it is."

Some booing as the band finish up and there's no additional song.

Fine Time

Not present on AUD #1, but it appears to have been performed, per the notes I have for AUD v2.  Has not been verified yet.

Clover182 remastered this and you can view it on his channel.


AUD #1 - MA, Sony D3 with PC62 mics.  Best sounding is ANA2, upped to YT.

AUD v2 - (Friend of MA) unknown, much worse quality, 10m only (Round and Round + Fine Time, not otherwise documented)



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