NO: 31 JUL 1993 Kingswood Amphitheater - Toronto, Canada



Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, Round And Round, World, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss
(encore)  Fine Time, Blue Monday

The band was introduced by Chris Sheppard of Love Inc.

This appears on Nicholas LeBlanc's Anthologies 8. Video is shaky distorted single-camcorder shot. Audio is mono, but listenable.

My take on the US '93 tour is that you've seen one of the shows, you've seen them all, due to the constancy of the set list. I went to the Shoreline show, and this looks very similar, having only been a week after.

However, the visuals (light show) were pretty nice, though the '89 tour was probably superior. Bernard's in a power blue shirt and blue jeans

Ruined In A Day

BS: "Hello" (and after it finishes) "Thank You"


BS: "This is Regret."

Dream Attack

BS: "This one's...(can't make it out)

Hooky's doing backing vocals. Gillian's on guitar, which she's kinda playing.

Round And Round

PH: "Thank you. We're better off sound then, even New Order" (?)


Hooky starts dancing at one point, he's all hair and bass in this one. Camera annoyingly zooms in and out one too many times.

As It Is When It Was

BS: "This is a very old song, ah, it's called As It Is When It Was: (Hooky then says something impossible to make out)

After Everyone Everywhere:

PH: "Well, we'll see what ????? we are, cuz...[can't make out rest]"

True Faith

Gillian is running her hands through her hair and chatting to somebody off on the side at one point.

Bernard sings the "they're all taking drugs with me", as usual.

After the song, he chugs on a drink, and thanks the audience.

Bizarre Love Triangle

More of Gillian running her hair through her hands, *several* times during the song. She's becoming the Fletch of New Order .;-)

Steve is on synth for this song. The audience overwhelms Bernard's vocals, an example of Canadians going apeshit. To all the hosers reading this, don't feel offended, my wife's from Brampton, Ontario.

After the song's done, BS and SM wave to the audience.


BS: "This is Temptation."

Good performance. Another "Thank you".

The Perfect Kiss

Barney leaves the stage about a minute before the song finishes up, handing his guitar to a roadie, as he races off.

Fine Time

BS: "This is Fine Time".

Synths can barely be heard in the beginning of the song.

Low pitched voice is definitely Bernard, with vocal processing.

During the break, BS begins to do the funky hand jive dance of his, as well as dancing in circles. It's touching.

BS: "Thank you, thank you very much"

Blue Monday

BS: "Okay..."

During the intro, Bernard takes a sip, and moves the mic stand out of the way. On Hooky's amp, you can see "Bass, How Low Can You Go?" as reported by others who witnessed the Republic tour. Bernard goes to help Gillian near the end of the song


VID #1 - unknown, as found on New Order Video Anthologies Vol 8

AUDv1 - AF   From DAT.  Not circulated widely.


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