NO: 29 JUL 1993 World Music Theatre, Tinley Park (Chicago) IL


(thanks to clover182 for sharing)


Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, Round And Round, World, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss
(encore) Fine Time, Blue Monday

Writeup from tape provided by Drew. Sound is passable, this was recorded using a consumer unit with a condenser mic. Credit also goes to Drew for correcting some of my intrepretations.

Intro is filled with chatter from Drew's sister and her friends, I'll omit details out of respect for their privacy. Can't identify pre-gig music selection... A few times "someone" calls out for Ceremony.

Ruined In A Day

BS: "Hello"

PH: "We're New..."

A decent rendition.

BS: "Thank you. Thanks a lot."


BS: "This is Regret."

PH: "Thank you. How are you doing?"

Dream Attack 

PH; "This one's for all our friends in Chicago, and fuck the rest of you."

BS: "Okay, that's enough."

Sound starts shifting at about 2:15. Drew explains that's when he took a break to use the toilets and asked somebody else to hold the recorder. :)

BS: "'k you."

Hooky says something impossible to make out.

Round And Round

BS: "Okay..."

BS: "Thank you. Thanks a lot."


BS: "This next 'World'. If any of you can...[?]"

(live footage from this video is from the Chicago '93 show)

BS: "Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thanks...[can't make out rest of what he says, and neither can somebody else heard on tape]"

As It Is When It Was

Person on tape recites the title.

Barney repeats the "listen hard I'll make you see" line.

BS: "Thank you. One more sw...[?]"

Everyone Everywhere

NO soundcheck a bit afterwards.

BS: "'Q...We'll sc...a bit now..."

True Faith

BS: "This is True Faith."

Bizarre Love Triangle

Hooky says something which I can't quite make out.

PH: "...with us... Our new album..."

BS: "Thank you. Thanks very much."


Edit at about 3:15.

Barney sings "it's the last fucking time" here.

Somebody calls out for Atmosphere?!?

BS: "Thank you."

The Perfect Kiss

Bernard changes a couple of lines starting with "I often thought he was...".

Amusing dialogue at the end of this:

"They'll encore (only) with Fine Time according to the New Order mailing list." And so are hopes dashed.

Fine Time

BS: "'k you. Our head[?] is in the..."

BS: "Thanks a lot."

Blue Monday

BS: "This is...fucking Blue Monday."


AUD #1 DC - Realistic (Radio Shack) SCP-29 w/ built-in mics

VID #1 World, pro-shot, as seen from the alternate World video


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