NO: 26 JUL 1993 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood CA

(Thanks to Clover182 for posting)

Playlist from 'The ripper 1'


Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, Round And Round, World, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss 
(encore) Fine Time, Blue Monday

A brief soundcheck video exists, from massonix, whom I believe is none other than Graham of 808 State.

There's about two minutes of audience malarkey as well as music being played over the PA, which is "Spooky" from Republic.

Quality is relatively poor on this so do not have much in the way of documentation of comments made between tracks.

Thanks to clover182 for the additional transcriptions .

Ruined In A Day

BS:  "(something like) Thanks again", can't make out.

Dream Attack

BS:  "This Is Dream Attack."


BS: "WOOP! Thank you. Thanks a lot."

As It Is When It Was

BS: "We're gonna play a (unintelligble) song now."

After True Faith

BS: "Thank you".

Bizarre Love Triangle

BS:  "This is Bizarre Love Triangle."

Hooky comments at the start of Temptation, very difficult to make out what he's saying.

Fine Time

BS: "(Unintelligble) This is Gillian, Peter on Bass, Steven On Drums."

PH: "And Bernard on Vocals."

Blue Monday

BS: "We're gonna do one more song."

BS: "Guess what it is?"

Fans guess.

PH:  "Come on, you can do better than that!"  

Thanks to clover182 for the additional transcription bits.


AUD #1 - schizo (The V.U. for Record Level) using Sony TCM-37V with built-in mics


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