NO: 14 DEC 1982 Old Melbourne Hotel - Perth, Australia

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Temptation, Dreams Never End, Chosen Time, We All Stand, Leave Me Alone, 586, Senses, Everything's Gone Green, Denial, Your Silent Face, Blue Monday, Age Of Consent, Ceremony 

GaoBest reports the setlist as the following.

12-14-82 Old Melbourne Hotel, Perth

1. Temptation (cut in middle)
2. Dreams Never End
3. Chosen Time
4. We All Stand
5. Leave Me Alone
6. 586
7. Senses (cut off at end)
8. Everything's Gone Green
9. Denial
10. Your Silent Face
11. Blue Monday
12. Age of Consent
13. Ceremony

notes: taped by Petra Kaiser (university student?)

This means that tracks 7-9 (Senses / EGG / Denial) are missing from the gigography listing, as they weren't present on the They Came, We Saw, Their Music Conquered bootleg.

Norman Peters writes in:

Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 17:20:12 +1100
From: "Peters, Norman (JHD)"
To: "''"
Subject: New Order gig guide.

Re: New Order gig guide.

I was at the one on 14 December 1982 at the Old Melbourne Hotel, Perth. The support act was a local band called "House Above the World", led by Chris Savage.

New Order came on late, and they were plainly tired - someone - Sumner? - announced that as it was the end of the World Tour they had a right to be tired. The Emulator keyboard played by Gilbert went badly out of tune and caused the heckling referred to. It was generally a lousy gig, and they couldn't wait to finish it.


Norman Peters
Jan Bollansee has kindly transcribed the bootleg liner notes:

Reports from the homeland inform us that we could expect something special. Originally members of 'Joy Division' until the untimely death of Ian Curtis, they made the brave (and wise) decision to change the name to 'New Order'. Initially they were 3, later to be joined by Gillian Gilbert.

Now at last we have had the opportunity to see and hear the band ourselves.

Speaking personally, I am now thinking of moving to Manchester, England, this band has changed my way of life. To watch them live on stage is an experience, truly amazing. The sheer beauty of their music shines out.

Now, Conco Records give 'YOU' the chance to share the magic of a 'New Order' concert on this record.

Look out Manchester, I think you're about to receive a large number of immigrants.

Mark Rushman

President. Perth raincoat brigade. 1983." 
His comments regarding the recording:

"This is a pretty good, though by no means perfect audience recording. There is, in fact, quite a bit of chatter from people in the vicinity of the taper, but it's never distracting as no-one starts to sing along (which is hardly unexpected seeing that the majority of the tracks hadn't been released so far). Some of the exchanges are, in fact, kind of funny and certainly add to the atmosphere of the recording (look out for the comments about ear plugs and the bass playing). Enjoy!"

Sound quality ok, hissy. Not very good stereo separation. This is taken from the 'They Came... We Saw... Their Music Conquered." bootleg.My copy has sides A and B transposed, so A has Leave Me Alone, 586, and Ceremony, and B has Temptation through We All Stand.

Brief dropout after the "green eyes, blue eyes, grey eyes" line.

Dreams Never End is then played.
Chosen Time

Male voice: "Should have brought yer earplugs."  Female voice: "Wanker!  We know how to get...(unintelligible)"

Wonder if the responder is none other than the aforementioned taper, Petra.

We All Stand

Heckler yells out something profane, which the guy standing next to the taper repeats.

BS: "Can I have a moment of silence, please?"

Make voice: "Pretty intense?"

Real drawn-out "At the end of the roo..oad".

Some improvisation about BS seeing his son (his son may have been born around this time, who knows)
Leave Me Alone

taper: "He knows it's there, he knows it, a special quality."

A guy in the audience close to the recorder can be heard repeating "All the bass is taped", which he repeats thrice...saying Hooky plays only melodies. Poppycock, of course, New Order had long ago stopped using backing tapes.

Heckler can be heard mouthing off crap.

BS then says: "Shut up, shitface!"

Somebody else says "Take a load of this", sounding amused at Barney's crack.

This song mysteriously fades out halfway through.

Next songs on this tape are from "The Dream" bootleg (without the Peel Session tunes)

See The Trinity Hall - Bristol gigography entry.

Dreams Never End
In A Lonely Place
The Him

Then there's some weird early 80's synth song with female vocals, don't recognize the artist (end-of-side filler)

Back to this Perth gig:

Your Silent Face breaks down about 15 seconds in.

Hooky says something unintelligible. Somebody comments they haven't heard this one before, as there appear to have been no less than six songs that hadn't been released.

YSF starts up again. Ending is somewhat abrupt.

There about 20 seconds of audience background, then Blue Monday kicks in. Hooky says something about "a bit more of the high [?] in the foldback", can't quite make it out.

This is only the fourth time BM had been played live. Aside from the primitive sound of the drums, this version is surprisingly mature. There's a big dropout in the middle of the song, probably there in the source. Blue Monday ends with the mellotron-ish "aah" sounds.

Straightforward versions of Age Of Consent, and Ceremony, played a bit faster than normal.

Sound becomes a bit better into the conclusion of the show.


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