NO: 27 MAR 1981 Trinity Hall - Bristol England


Ceremony, Procession, Dreams Never End, In A Lonely Place, Truth, The Him, Senses, Denial

Soundcheck (10 minutes):  ICB, Senses 

(playlist from Fractured/Image)

Most commonly heard as part of "The Dream" bootleg.

Looks like this is the 27 Mar 81 Trinity Hall Bristol England gig.
Sounded like a very rowdy crowd, too bad my high-quality headphones
blew out, so I'm having to use external speakers to play the music
through, which makes transcribing between-song patter a bit harder.

This happens to be documented at
(except that the second "Senses" is from the gig, not the first...)

Support was Tunnelvision.

Bass in Ceremony during the bridge is badly out of tune.

Near the end of the song Bernard says "less guitar in the foldback."


BS:  "Less guitar in the foldback."

Some punter yells "dross".

BS:  "What?"

Punter yells "dross" again.

BS:  "Come up here and aay that, cuntface.  I cannot see through here.
Stand up here, don't be afraid."

Another punter comments, "Talking doesn't swear".

(as Bernard is now able to survey the crowd)

BS:  "You've got blonde hair!"

This episode is recounted in Mark Johnson's "An Ideal For A Living"

On one version, the taper or someone close to him talks (what he says
I can't make out)  as Bernard sings "It's a problem, you know".

Dreams Never End

Same punter as before repats his shout of "dross" .

BS:  "You're fucking moving to the front, right, you fuck(?)."

In A Lonely Place

Some audience chatter at the start of this.


BS:  "This foldback, foldback".

Taper or someone near him cries "hey".

The Him

You can hear BS yelling twice for "a little bit more guitar"...and
"a little more guitar though the foldback".

Person near taper comments, "That was magic."

Senses follows.

More taper comments.

closes out the set.


There are multiple separate sources.  Their tracklists are as follows:

1. talking/ICB/Senses (bass only)/Senses (faded)
2. Denial/Senses (bass only)/Senses - often misidentified as 1981-05-08
The "Denial" here is taken from 1981-04-10 Cedar Club B'ham and not this

They are about eqivalent in quality.
Hard to make out the speaking in the first part.

Bernard says something about the foldback.

PH:  "One two, one two...that's all right, Ozzie.  One two.
Drum machine.  Getting old, right?"

voice (perhaps Ozzie):  "We're getting old..."

PH:  "Drum machine, Barney."

ICB (vocal version) follows.

Hooky says something about the guitar to Ozzie about midway through.

Some comments about the wedgies afterwards.

Punter says "five quid"...

Then Hooky plays the bassline of what sounds like Komakino but is
really Senses, as the riffs are similar, and it really illustrates
the link between the two songs.  At 2:09, Bernard cries out,
"more guitar."...long fadeout during the middle of the track.


BS:  "Yeah, the guitar was right at the end there, if...if you keep the
foldback level on the guitar like that was at the end, than that's

Someone cries out for Hooky...Steve, Gillian.

Ozzie:  "Yeah, turn it down a bit..."

BS:  "Yeah...fuckin'...Can you give us as much top on the vocals as
possible, Ozzie?"

Ozzie:  "As much top as possible?"

BS:  "Without feeding back."

Ozzie:  "Yeah, well, the problem...feeding now..."

BS:  "What?"

Ozzie:  "We'll do that now...[mutter]

BS:  "Okay."

voice:  "Turn the foldback down...wait, WAIT!"

PH(?) (off-mic):  "You don't get that many of 'em..."


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