NO: 25 JUN 1983 I-Beam - San Francisco CA


Fractured/Image playlist


Ceremony, Confusion, The Him, Thieves Like Us, We All Stand,
Leave Me Alone, The Village, Denial, Your Silent Face, Blue Monday, Temptation

Source : Aud (unknown) - tracks 1-3; Aud (M2) - tracks 4-12 > WAV > FLAC

Snotters, who seeded this on EZT, says:

"This tape's always been a bit strange, in that I think it comes from 2 different sources. Tracks 1 - 3 are pretty average, quality-wise (the sound is very poor at the start of Ceremony and gradually gets better). Tracks 4 through to the end are exceptionally good for an audience recording. Rather than split the gig up I thought I'd seed it all - just be warned (and preferably skip to Thieves Like Us when you listen to it!)."

As with all US 83 Tour gigs this one's a corker.

"Sharksfan2000" attended this show, he doesn't remember much but there were at least two long breaks (the other 5-10 minutes, the other 15 minutes) because of, surprise surprise, sequencer trouble. According to his initial recollection, about 200 people were in attendance, but on second thoughts, it appear to have been more. He comments:

"I remember that the club was quite crowded. Looking at an old article about the I-Beam its capacity was noted as 600 - I find that number hard to believe, but now I think I originally underestimated the crowd there, and it may have been 300-400 total. I'd forgotten that the I-Beam (which closed many years ago) was divided into a number of interconnected spaces, and from where I was standing I'm sure I could only see a portion of the crowd there. I was standing in the main room, probably 30-40 feet from the stage. It was at that show that I first saw someone wearing a Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" t-shirt - of course I had to go buy one right away after that!

The band had some problems with their sequencers during the set, which caused a couple of lengthy delays - I recall one of them being around 15 minutes, and the other one being 5-10 minutes.

Hooky had his hair tied back into a short ponytail, and spent most of the show with his back to the audience. Not much interaction between the band and the I-Beam crowed.

I remember "Leave Me Alone" being a highlight for me - especially the last portion when Barney and Gillian trade off guitar leads. "Your Silent Face" was also great, and the first time I realized that Barney was playing a melodica on that song. Listening to the recording of the show made me remember that I was worried that they weren't going to play "Temptation" after they played "Blue Monday" (thought they might finish with that one). I believe "Temptation" was an encore."



Edit at about 3:05. I think this is where the second source (with louder drums) is joined in.

Fans woo, and somebody can be heard saying "yeah, going up!".

An edit.


Band plugs in and starts playing, WRL sample. Cut in the tape at 0:18.

The Him

Sound isn't completely terrible, though there's a couple of dropouts in this track. Some undecipherable audience chatter at about 0:15. Audience members woo afterwards. There's an edit after the song.

Thieves Like Us

The debut for this song!

BS: "...hear this before."

A female fan starts chattering at 1:25 or so...all I can make out is "I hate"...somebody then yells out, "Bitch".

Quite unique guitar parts...too bad it's quite hard in places to make out

Lyrics appear below.

After they finish, a heckler shouts out something like:

"Hey, you take the...pigfuckers. You guys are the saints, get the sound together. Last year, the same thing, oh! The same thing, gentlemen. Great records, the whole bit, [someting] suck!"

Someone yells out "Wanker!"

BS: "There's a lot of people in this room...."

A bit of tuning before We All Stand.

Leave Me Alone follows. A good rendition of this classic.  Somebody calls out for songs, and while the band waits for the sequencers to load, Stephen bangs on the cymbals, and Bernard mumbles something about the reason for the delay.

After The Village there's yet another tape edit, followed by the start of Denial, that has a very slow drum buildup, which suddenly speeds up, and end up being a great version.

Your Silent Face

Vocals start out quiet in the mix.

Quite a long version, clocking at nearly eight minutes. A fairly long pause (forty five seconds) between tracks.

BS: "All right, what do you want us to play next? We probably won't play it."

Blue Monday

The opening bars hammer out.

BS: (in the most blase voice imaginable) "Oh, what a surprise."

Temptation ends the set.

Thieves Like Us 25 JUN 83 I-Beam - San Francisco CA

I'll gave you a thousand reasons
Why I'm your girl
I've heard you're a hundred assholes
Now with this song

It's called love...we masturbate
It's called love...we masturbate
It's called love and we masturbate
It's called love, love love love

I saw a thousand tree trunks
In the boiling sun
I heard a hundred voices
In the heat every night

It's called melts away
It's called love and it has it's way
It's called love [woo!] love love love
It's called love [woo!] love love love

[reverb on vocals makes it difficult to make out the following verse]

...a thousand...
I see you...a hundred...
Love is at home...

It's called love [x4]

...on the street. comes to you...
Someday we're going to treat you out.
...other people of ours

It's called love [x2]

...becomes soulful...moves so fast
My eyes are plastic...

It's called love [x3]
It comes to us

It's called love and it comes to us [x3] It's called love [x3]


AUD #1  girlfriend of Chris McGuire.  bcingyou: "Yes, it sounds like the taper (who mastered it) began recording downstairs and slowly moved up to main club area finally getting into position after TLU."


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