NO: 09 APR 1982 - Meervaart - Amsterdam, Netherlands



Ceremony, The Him, Denial, Temptation, In A Lonely Place, Ultraviolence, Chosen Time, Procession, Hurt

(playlist from Fractured / Image)

Source courtesy of TJ.


A couple of mic placement/stereo fields shift during the intro. Vocals and bass ganged up on the right channel

An edit during the clapping, and Barney picks his guitar before the start of The Him.

A few more 'slow' stereo shifts through the first part of this song.


Barney tunes up, and then you can hear the sound of something (I don't know what) getting dropped. A small cut about 30 seconds into this song.

A good sized break before the Order play Temptation. Garble in tape where Bernard sings, "A feeling inside, it's no joke." Another garble when Barney sings, "Oh you got green eyes...".

In A Lonely Place follows. The tape apparently has a few garbles and cuts during this.

Cut between IALP and the next song, Ultraviolence, which has a couple of fits and starts before the band actually play it through. And a few more garbles/cuts/stereo shifts.

Chosen Time and Procession follow, with Hurt closing out the set. Not a single word from the band throughout, have to think they weren't happy with what happened the previous show.

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