NO: 22 JAN 1982 North London Polytechnic - London England



Dreams Never End, Denial, Truth, Senses, Hurt, Procession, Ceremony, Temptation

Soundcheck (10 minutes): Temptation (instrumental), Hurt (instrumental)

Playlist (Fractured/Image)

Melody Maker 30 Jan 82
Live review by Lynden Barber

Article focuses on the emerging "dance" aspect of the music. In retrospect, insightful.

Have audio that purports to be from this concert, which was tacked at the end of the the 'Riverside' 1982-01-04 tracks.

The edits are very similar to the ones done for the unaired 'Riverside' tracks, the sound is very similar, so likely done with the same equipment.

Dreams Never End is listed first for this gig, but may or may not be present on the recording I have, as there's some question to whether the DNE belongs to the Riverside performance or this one, since the source I have of these has these gigs back to back. However, TJ (who supplied the review copy of this) pretty much settled this and DNE does appear in fact to be the first song.

Denial follows.


Cut at 0:03, with the rest faded in.


Hooky flubs the bass intro.

Cut at 1:57, with the remainder faded in.

At about 2:49 Bernard yells "Shut up!" and whoops.


Cuts at 2:06 and sixteen seconds later, with the remainder portions faded in.


Cuts at 0:40 and two seconds later, with the remainder portions faded in. Cuts after about 75 seconds.

Temptation appears on the setlist but not on what I have for the gig.

However, it was soundchecked, with the version appearing being about 1:30 long. There's some talking, mentioning the TV...and some guitar chords, followed by Hooky's bass.

A brief take of _Hurt_ follows, someone calls out Hooky's name, and then Hooky's bass makes an appearance, but the tape is cut during his vamping.


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