NO: 25 MAY 1981 - Chateau Neuf Oslo, Norway

With Cosmic Overdose.


In A Lonely Place, Dreams Never End, Denial, Truth, The Him, Senses, 
Procession, Chosen Time, Ceremony, Everything's Gone Green

Soundcheck (10 minutes): Everything's Gone Green, Chosen Time

(Playlist from Fractured/Image)

review of this gig.

After In A Lonely Place, Barney thanks the audience.  

BS: "'q".

Dreams Never End and Denial follow.

(at end)

BS:  "Can you give me the top on the foldback, sounds like the noise
isn't level."

Truth follows, along with polite clapping.

The Him and Senses follow, the latter has a bit of a coda at the end.

Procession has bass harmonics right before the synths start.

Chosen Time starts tentatively, and then speeds up.

The band tune up before Ceremony starts.  Song gets clapping and shouts
for an encore, which the band fulfill through Everything's Gone Green
which clocks in at a bit over 11 minutes here.

From 'Fac Image Archive', taken by Kare Eide:


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