NO: 02 JUL 1993 Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux Switzerland


Orbi609 - NewOrderVideoChannel also lists the gig but doesn't allow embedding.


Ruined In A Day, Regret, Dream Attack, World, Special, As It Is When It Was, Everyone Everywhere, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Temptation, The Perfect Kiss  [encore] Fine Time

UPDATE: the following site (archived on lists 'Special' and 'Round and Round' as part of the setlist. I've accepted it as authoritative and have changed the prior listing as a result.

  1. Ruined In A Day (05:04)
  2. Regret (04:03)
  3. Dream Attack (04:08)
  4. World (04:39)
  5. Special (04:51)
  6. As It Is When It Was (03:19)
  7. Everyone Everywhere (04:28)
  8. True Faith (04:31)
  9. B.L.T. (04:14)
  10. Temptation (06:50)
  11. Perfect Kiss (07:52)
  12. Round And Round (05:24)

In addition, MDMArchive reveals that Fine Time was the encore.  Note: Blue Monday is not listed.

Videology 9 is missing the encore tracks, and is the FM version, most likely. This is the pro shot aired on MTV Europe. Sound is VHS Mono.

Everyone Everywhere and Temptation have been released on NewOrderStory, and are in stereo.

They play the songs in the same order as the rest of the '93 "tour", except they open with Regret, and then play RIAD. Very classy, elegant, and well-played performance, beautiful sunburst Gibson f-stop guitar too.

After Regret.

BS: "Thank you".

Gillian appears to actually be playing all the synth parts on Ruined In A Day! They seemed to have mixed out Hooky's bass on this song, though. After the song completes, it's another "Thank you" from BS, and then a whoop.

Intro to Dream Attack.

BS: "This a song called Dream Attack"

Gillian is playing a cherry sunburst Rickenbacker for this song, and plays the lead riffs at the bridge until Bernard takes over.

Nobody's playing the keyboards, since Steve Morris is drumming. :-)

For World, Bernard ditches the mic stands and starts doing some of his freaky dancing, in fact, he misses the first few words of the second verse because of it. Hooky seems mixed out of this song as well, everybody knows about the evil conspiracy afoot that suppress any bass guitar in the Republic material, but I didn't realize it pertained to the live mix too! And yes, another "Thank you" as the song comes to a close.

As It Is When It Was

The caption incorrectly inserts a comma after the "Is". Gillian picks up a black Fender for this song to play the sharp-sounding guitar parts. "Thank you very much."

From a "highlights" broadcast, but NOT using re-dubbed audio.  Spotted by Indiearchivist.  It's no big secret that the live recording was multitracked and post-produced.

Everyone Everywhere

I suspect the video mix is different than the NOS version, which was post-produced.  They sneak in a deliciously altered lyric.

"You were once the main attraction/But all that's in your ass."

Gillian's playing a different guitar, a black Fender start with white faceguard. Another "Thank you very much." at the conclusion of the song.  

EE upped on Vaughn Walton's YT channel:

True Faith

Bernard starts out playing guitar for the intro. Hooky sings backing vocals. After the chorus, Bernard faces stage right (towards Gillian) and makes a silly fish face.

The usual "They're all taking drugs with me" appears here, too. And another "Thank you very much."

Bizarre Love Triangle

Bernard puts the guitar down and starts walking around with the mic. He's dangerous when he does that.


I can't make out what Bernard whispers into the mic befor the song starts. This is the other song that was aired for NOS. Again I suspect that this is edited differently, but would have to run the versions side to side to prove it.

We finally get a clear look at Hooky's shirt. Has a picture of a winged creature in yellow with the caption "Destroy, Inc." The back of his shirt reads "8.7.6" (I think, it's hard to make out) And once again, "Thank you".

Temptation, from Vaughn Walton:

The Perfect Kiss

Idiot MTV starts recording the credits over this song. The Montreux Jazz festival was cofounded by Quincy Jones, so that explains how New Order got to play. "Thank you very much, good night."


VID #1 - MTV Europe broadcast, missing Special, Round and Round, and encore Fine Time.  In mono.  The clips of Everyone Everywhere and Temptation on 'New Order Story' are in stereo.

FM #1 - Swedish Radio (P3).  This was a simulcast of the MTV broadcast.  One can try to use this to produce a stereo version of VID #1.

AUD #1 - 'H.V' / Sony WM-D3.  Notes on this are confusing but appears to be missing the encore track(s).


  1. There was a different version of AMT#1 with Stereo audio, although the one person I know who had it in 2006 no longer has it


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