NO: 05 JUN 1993 Dublin Point Depot




Regret, Dream Attack, World, As It Is When it Was, Ruined In A Day, True Faith, Bizarre Love Triangle, Fine Time, Blue Monday

Everyone assumed New Order would be headlining, but they ended up going on stage before Hothouse Flowers.  This performance was part of the Dublin Peace festival. Apparently quite a few British fans made it up to this concert.

This transcription is based on the recording that 50 Pound Note turned up in a Dallas record shoppe in the mid-late '90s.  It's an audience recording likely several generations from the master, and I've done what I could for this, but isn't going to be a pristine listen.

The bit of house music at the start I haven't yet been able to identify.


BS:  "Hallo, we're New Order.  We're sorry Sinead O'Connor couldn't turn up, but it's a bank holiday."

PH:  "Where you been?  Too high, this, Jacko!"

Something mistakenly triggered a backing drum track at the wrong time so the intro bit is completely out of sync.

BS:  "Woo!  Thank you."

Some strummed guitar chords, and then it's All The Way.

BS:  "Thank you!"

Somebody woos a few times.

BS:  "Thanks a lot."


Original version, not the Perfecto mix which they'd play live in subsequent years.

As It Is When It Was

BS:  "Now we're gonna play you a slow one now, so everyone chill out a bit."

Bernard's microphone then cuts out a few times.

BS:  "'Ooky, my microphone's not working."

PH:  "We're going to dedicate this one to Mick Ronson, fuck it. " (Mick Ronson was David Bowie's guitarist in the Spiders From Mars who had passed away at the end of April 1993 at the young age of 46)

BS"  "'ank you."

A relatively long pause before another couple of guitar strums can be heard.

Ruined In A Day

BS:  "Do you see anyone here from Dublin tonight?  Great."

PH:  "Well here we are here again.  How's it going?"  

The tape is rewound 20s when spooled on the start of the B side.

True Faith follows.

BS:  "Right, we're gonna whip you up a bit now, this is Bizarre Love Triangle".

The song concludes with a whoop.

BS:  "Thank you."

BS:  (in a mock-Arnold Schwarzenegger voice):  "Fuck you, asshole."

Fine Time

BS:  "We're sorry for such a short set, but honest to God this is all we had time to rehearse, we swear, you know?"

Blue Monday

PH:  "Didn't think we were going home that early did you?  Hey!? On a Saturday night, innit?

On this version BM cuts shortly after the 6:30 point.


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