NO: 23 AUG 1985 Irvine Meadows - Irvine, CA


State Of The Nation, Sunrise, Ceremony, This Time Of Night, Elegia, 
Sooner Than You Think, Weirdo, Denial, Subculture, Face Up, Age Of Consent, 
Blue Monday  (encore) The Perfect Kiss, Love Will Tear Us Apart
NOTE:  I have this dated out of sequence until I have time to work on all the intervening gigography entries.

This was recorded by CN using a Sony WM-R2 with built-in mics.

Another recording exists, which one Blake Wilson shared on Facebook that he says is "bad quality", along with the setlist which he received from Stephen Morris after the show.

Qute a decent sounding tape that I only managed to get a copy of very recently (November 2020) thanks to Mike GaoBest making good on a years-old promise to provide me with his copy to transfer.

Lots of audience shouting and whistling, typical for LA, but not much interaction from the band.

State Of The Nation

PH:  "Good evening, this one is called "Shame Of The Nation".

 (at end)

BS:  "Thank you very much."

Sunrise follows.

Bernard plays some power chords between Ceremony and This Time Of Night.

After Elegia.

PH: "It's a nice night".  

More power chords (Sister Ray).

Weirdo still features work-in-progress lyrics.

Flip point between Denial and Subculture, as the taper's master may have been a C100 instead of a C90, 

PH:  "Put a little bit more on the the ma..."

BS:  "Sequencer down!"

This recording has cut after the intro of Face Up.

The Perfect Kiss

Hooky intros this song with a dedication, "this one's for Jim masseuse??"

And finishes up with quite a few more dedications.

PH:  "And now, that's a good night,  we just got to say, thank you for everyone for helping us, we got Phil, Annie, all our backline crew, Oz PA hire, Kathy and Mary from Woz, and to Miss Ruth Polsky

Love Will Tear Us Apart finishes their set.



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