NO: 10 JUL 1984 - Marbella Estadio Municipal - Marbella, Spain



...Ceremony, Temptation, In A Lonely Place, Thieves Like Us, Age Of Consent, Denial, Blue Monday, Sunrise

as documented on MDMArchive.

Writeup.  Only the last five songs circulate.

Thieves Like Us

My version has a cut at about 4:00 in. [actually 4:20 to 4:38].  This is not as bad on the upgrade.

Age Of Consent

Spanish announcer talks though the start, making the below quote only an approximate attempt to ascertain what's actually being said.

BS: "I'd like you take the bass off the wedgies, Ed."

Guitar intro is badly out of tune. About 1:30 in, there's a fair bit of distortion, but no cut outs.


During the intro, Bernard yells (presumably) at Steve to slow down.

Volume drops about 2:00 in.

Blue Monday

Spanish announcer talks at start, but not over Bernard this time, thankfully.

BS: "Thanks very much everybody. We're very grateful."

Hooky calls out, "Ready?".

There's a cut at the start (about 0:30).

Bernard's vocal seem more expressive than is wont.

There's a cut-out at about 6:25 in. Announcer comes in at the end, which is edited after a couple of seconds.


PH: "Hey, let's go!"

BS: "This one is for our promoter, Emilio, the best fucking promoter in the entire world. Hey, Emilio!"

This is the third time NO have played this. Most of the lyrics are there but appear in different sequence or with different phrasing. This song has a cut near the end (about 6:30).


TV #1 - Audio taken from TV broadcast (not sure if there's more than just sound).  The YouTube link is from this.

SBD #1 pictured here, in the band archive.

    from MDMArchive


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