NO: 07 JUL 1984 Studio 54 - Barcelona, Spain



Your Silent Face, The Village, Ceremony, Skullcrusher, We All Stand, Lonesome Tonight, Confusion, Hurt, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation

Waterrat's listing is *missing* the final two tracks, which are Everything's Gone Green and Temptation. They were apparently not included in the original FM broadcast. EGG apparently segues into Temptation.

Have a video of Ceremony and the last three tracks performed at that concert. The most noteworthy thing being that Barney performed topless! Not to mention that his '84-era "new wave mullet", dyed blonde streaks is not to be missed!

It's too bad the quality of the video is fairly poor, but the audio portion is fine.

Also, the version of "Hurt" was labelled in the video as "Cramp", odd considering that as the B-side of Temptation, and had been in New Order's set since November 1981, with the last time that song being played was on 27 Feb 1986 in Wolverhampton.

Barney's riffing during the ending of Age of Consent is frentic.

Writeup, from outstanding quality CD source.

Your Silent Face

One word. Amazing. And it's just the opener.

The Village

The sequence of the lyrics is very different than the LP version. The high pitched wooing is also notable.


This is the version that made Retro (if you believe that latter's tracklisting). I haven't done a comparison to find out if the Retro track had been remixed, but I suspect that it has.

(from nfiles)


A few seconds of guitar plucking before Skullcrusher lands like a ton of bricks.

Here's a transcription of Skullcrusher: 

I saw you watching here for today at me I saw you keeping eyes all free
You heard me calling with that voice of mine You felt that we were pure together

You heard me when I called you fat
You said that I was just a twat
Oh, your tits are big and your bunny(?) smells so bad I'm not sure I wish I was your dad

Your hair was black and you eyes were blue Guess what I'm going to do to you!
Oh, your mouth...the fact that you paid(?) I'm going to fuck you up to pieces(?)...all insane

You told me and I told you
We are gonna put it through
You told me and I told you
You told me and I told you

The scratch lyrics include a couplet that close out Face Up:

"Your hair was black, your eyes were blue / Guess what I'm gonna do to you!"

There's a few seconds of silence between this and the next track.

We All Stand

BS: "The next song needs thinking about a lot...but eventually starts..."

Then follows Lonesome tonight...with a drawn out Hooky bass intro.


Barney calls out "hi hat" during one of the "you just won't believe" me lines about a minute in. The live mix is strange, deemphasizing the main synth lines over the other electronics and stringed instruments. Ends with a few bass notes from Barney.


(from nfiles)

Age Of Consent follows. 

(from nfiles)

Bernard's vocals are a bit buried during the latter. Stunningly good, both.

Don't know quite what to make of Blue Monday, though. 

(from nfiles)

The Roland 808 doing percussion during the first bit (if that's what it is) is an interesting touch.

Interesting thirty second improvisation between this and the next track, Hooky *almost* tantalizes us with the bassline of Love Will Tear Us Apart...then they get into Everything's Gone Green, with a fierce echoed "Show me!" as emotional keystone...seamlessly segueing into Temptation.

(also can be listened to on the pyrtwist YT account)


SBD #1 - one of the fantastic leaked "ATR/STASH" selections, leaked from Hooky's cupboard

TV/ FM #1 - FM missing the last two tracks, as noted.  TV: Ceremony / Hurt / Age Of Consent / BM, as above.

AUD v1 - no recording/taper information, shared by both TJ.


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