NO: 06 JUL 1984 Pacha Auditorium - Valencia, Spain



The Him, The Village, Dreams Never End, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, ICB, Thieves Like Us, Ultraviolence, Denial, Your Silent Face, The Perfect Kiss

From JB's writeup of the DIME seed:

"The day before the perfect gig (Barcelona '84 - not to be missed, especially the drewc-remaster), this concert wasn't too bad, either. Starting off with a rare outing of "The Him", it also features the standard (for that point in time) EGG-Temptation pairing and an ultra-cool Ultraviolence. The early rendition of "The Perfect Kiss" that closes the proceedings may be riddled by equipment failure at the start, but the band manage to overcome the gremlins and work their way to a perfect climax at 7:07"!!

65 minutes condensed into 12 FLAC-files that amount to 435 MB. This audience recording was yet again provided by TJ; it merits an Agrading. The tape flip occurred between Thieves Like Us and Ultraviolence; the dying keyboard at the end of TLU is abruptly cut short and the very beginning of Ultraviolence is also missing. The Him cuts in after the opening bars, but other than that the recording is complete."

The Him

Only played two times thereafter.

This version just ends at the point where the band do a near-stop and resume the song.

The Village

(at end)

BS: "Thank you very much."

Dreams Never End

They do this one to plenty of cheering at the end, followed by scattered applause and whistling as the Order get ready for one of their Everything's Gone Green into Temptation segues.


Bernard's singing is at a higher register than wont for this one.

Thieves Like Us follows. Quick fade-out of tape.


Quick fade-in.

Great riff near the end, too bad this ends so soon.


The usual drum-murder workout.

Your Silent Face

At the 2:00 mark:

Bernard sings "no colors, just silence", and then declaims "Down...[couple of words lost to reverb]". Then "The rise and fall of shame" followed by "Down!"

There's a lot of drum sequencer soundchecking in between the main set and the encore track, which is a nearly developed version of  The Perfect Kiss.


AUD #1 unknown taper / equipment / lineage.


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