NO: 05 JUL 1984 Rock-Ola - Madrid, Spain


The Perfect Kiss, Ceremony, Temptation, Leave Me Alone, Hurt, Face Up, 586, Chosen Time, Age Of Consent, In A Lonely Place, Blue Monday

Some background about dating these Spanish shows...

James Thomas writes (on NOOL):

"I've just been reading Cabaret Voltaires tour dates in Spain '84. (via Wayback Machine)

05.07.84 Etole, Madrid, Spain with New Order

06.07.84 Pacha Auditorium, Valencia, Spain (was mistakenly listed as Palma Club) with New Order

07.07.84 Studio 54, Barcelona, Spain with New Order

10.07.84 Marbella TV Studio, Spain with New Order

12.07.84 Pacha, Valencia, Spain with New Order

This last date doesn't appear on this site or Waterrat and the forum search hasn't thrown anything up. Is this an error?"

TJ replies, the quote edited for clarity...

"Yes it's a mistake. The Pacha and the Palma are the same venue, and it was the first date listed when they played (I have a scan of the ticket).

Here's where the mystery deepens, though.  Back in 2003, Spotnick at NOOL received email from a Spanish guy saying that the entry on the gigography for Madrid Rock-ola was wrong, that he had been at the gig, and the gigography had the wrong date and that the setlist was totally incorrect, that the gig at the Rock-Ola had been on the 4th of July, they had opened with Thieves Like Us, and that only one of the songs listed against that entry had been played. This Spanish correspondent said that they did Thieves/ICB/DNE/STYT/Leave Me Alone/KW1/Ultrav/Conf/EGG/Sunrise.

I did some digging, and it appears as though they may have actually done two gigs in Madrid, one at the Rock-ola and one at another venue, and the tape we have is actually from the other venue but has been confused with the Rock-ola show. That would mean that there is another Madrid gig out there we don't have a recording from, and we don't know the correct venue for the show we do have!"

Update: the mystery has been solved.  In fact, both nights were at the Rock-Ola, see here for the proof:

I believe this avoided a writeup because there doesn't seem to be much in the way of talking from the group.

The Perfect Kiss transitions into Ceremony with nary a peep from the group, followed by Temptation, which has a "last f**king time" in it.

BS:  "Thanks very much, thanks very much."  

The band then fly into Leave Me Alone.

BS:  "Thanks very much."

Hurt follows, a spirited rendition, followed up by Face Up, which has an extended sequenced intro, which still has lyrics in transitional / emerging form..."let me tell you a story about myself / let me tell you a story about my health"...and then a hilarious section where his nether regions resemble one other.

Cut between this and 5-8-6, which has quite a funky drum break.

Chosen Time follows, with a remarkable Hooky bassline.  The tune ends with a massive bass drone.

Followed by Age Of Consent with a band absolutely at the peak of their powers, and then followed by the icy In A Lonely Place, quite the number to play on a presumably hot Spanish summer night.  Great work by Mr. Morris at the kit for the ending flurries and the coda.

Faded out between the main set and what was the encore track, rounding out the set.

Blue Monday 

PH:  (presumably exhorting the crowd):  "(big ol' ?), you can do better than that!"


AUD #1 unknown taper / equipment / generation / lineage, supplied by bcingyou and an upgrade on other renditions.


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