NO: 01 JUL 1984 Roskilde Festival - Darupvej, Denmark


Sunrise, Dreams Never End, Ceremony, The Village, Confusion, 586, Leave Me Alone, The Perfect Kiss, Age Of Consent, Temptation, Blue Monday, Love Will Tear Us Apart, Face Up, Your Silent Face

Thanks to TJ for identifying LWTUA from a compilation of songs I had at the end of another recording, detailed below.

Sounds like it was mastered from LP, sounds harsh, direct, and raw.

On the tape that I have with these songs, Everything's Gone Green (taken from 22 JUN 82) appears after LWTUA, followed by We All Stand (taken from 12 MAR 83)

Subsequently, 'booomboom' from STG posted this gig, in excellent quality, so I'm able now to do a full writeup. A few tracks were also videotaped.

Sunrise ("love and death" version)

Has scratch lyrics, but more developed than even during some August gigs they played this at.

Sunrise 01 Jul 84 Roskilde Festival, Denmark

          You've kept me waiting for a ling time now
          I've known you for so many years
          I've grown tired of you
          You were cold, I was hot, our hair was blue
          Long time, no, I felt my heart belong to you

          Oh, love, death, love and death
          Love and death and love and death
          Your love and death and love and death
          Your love and death, woo!

          You've kept me waiting for such a long time now
          Oh, our heart has never been...everything...this way
          You've told me that you love me but it wasn't true
          But I wish I had nothing else to do with you

          Oh, your love and death, love and death
          Love and death and love and death
          Your love and death and love and death
          Love and death and love and death, woo!

          You told me that I was...such a long...
          Your hair was..., your eyes were green
          Guess with you I have always been
          I've known you for a long time now
          I've a big boy, you're such a cow
          Well, right now, you're a two-faced stink
          You think you just want a drink

          Love and death, love and death
          Love and death, love and death
          Love and death, love and death
          Love and death...

There's some crackling and PA music before the Order proceed into Dreams Never End.

Ceremony follows.

(at the finish)

BS: "Can you, eh, turn the guitar down and foldback a little bit please, it's feeding back, because it's coming through the foldback."

Hooky then says "Shut up, twatface."

The Village is next.


BS: "Go ahead and move about...[sequencer stops]...why don't you move about a bit, you buhch of flag-waving bastards" [loud guitar strum obscures the rest of what he says]

PH: "Will you turn the bass drum, Andy, down on the side fill...that's what we need you for, Andy."

[Bernard plucks bass, and then the sequencer starts up again]


A bit of a pause here.

PH: "Lou Reed, eat your heart out!"

(Lou Reed had played in Roskilde the day before, I guess the band had gotten a chance to meet him and they didn't exactly hit it off, but that is just a guess, if anybody knows for sure, let me know)

Bass synth is phat and juicy here.

Song ends in wash of guitar plucks.

Leave Me Alone

PH: "C'mon, don't get impatient, we've been here for three fucking days."

The Perfect Kiss

A very long pause.

PH: [off-mic, shouting somebody's name twice]

BS: "Don't shout, you youngster."

(at about 0:50)

BS: "What we're doing now is waiting for our, erm, sequencer to load."

PH: "There's a deaf comic shouting for Joy Division...fucking hell. There's only a couple naked who've got sore throats."

Instead of singing, "He took his final breath, now I know the perfect kiss is the kiss of death", Bernard hums the vocal melody.

The median synth melody appears to be played live by Gillian and is pretty bad. Frogs appear in here, perhaps for the first time.

(at the end)

BS: "Thank you very much, that was called Perfect Kiss, that's, uh, a new song."

Age Of Consent is performed next, with Temptation following.

Blue Monday

The refrain "How does it feel when your heart grows cold?" is repeated several times in quite a unique fashion.

BS: "Thanks very...thanks...thank you very much. At least the beat...[?]"

Barney chokes on one of the lines.

There's a video of a portion of this song, which is a grainy, shaky single camcorder shot from the audience that films more of the punters than the band! The sound on this is mono, but fairly good.

Thanks to Robert's Epitaxial-TV imprint, we can watch it here:

Love Will Tear Us Apart

BS: "Thank you very deserve it!"

BS: (cough) "We're gonna play a Paul Young number now for all of you people who wanted to see Paul Young."

(correction courtesy of Shug of NOOL...this also appears on certain versions of the 1987-08-26 Pier 84 show) as a 'bonus track')

The video also captures some of LWTUA as well, including freaky dancing in the mud, and Barney stumming away like a madman at the end, and folks chanting and whistling for an encore.

New Order than come back on after the encore, there's an instrumental bit starting with the bass synth, and then with Morris firing off a few bars, and a Hooky's bass contributing to a jam I've not heard before.

Hooky says something, a bit of which I can't make out.

PH: "We're gonna let that slide before we [two words], if that's all right, the fans are right."

Face Up

Unknown sequence at the start, it sounds quite a bit like the untitled song/jam played during the 81-84 rehearsals!

The intro synth portion is the same, with exception of the drum pattern.

Ben Rose helps with making sense of it:

"Said gig has always been one of my very favorites, and the Face Up is absolutely spectacular. I think the lyrics, at least at the beginning, are:

I've know you for such a long time now You have always been such a DIRTY cow Your tits were big and your cunt is thick From your cunt I'll always track (?)
Your tits were like wild strawberries (????) (garbled)

I'd like to fuck you, etc.

Hope that's helpful. I'm pretty sure of all of them, save for the question marked ones. If you or anyone else can figure out the lines, I would love to have the info because I think they're absolutely hilarious. Barney at his worst/finest."

BS: "Thank you....very much."

Your Silent Face

BS: "The next song is a [echo obscures this word] song called, 'While Hopped Up'" (I suspect the song name is really in Danish, that sounds like what he's saying, though)

Right before the second verse, the video colors go inverted.

It sounds like he gets a case of the woo-cups here. :_)

Barney sings "so why don't you FUCK OFF, you pathetic twat?".


AUD #1   BB - Sony TC-D5, unknown hand-held mics.  The YouTube version is from this recording, which seems better than the others, though it is susceptible to wind noise.

AUD v2   
83:36.  At least ANA2, based on tape forensics. Interstital, accidental hitting of record button 4:40 in Sunrise. Crash edit between Sunrise and DNE. Cut between Ceremony and The Village. The misfire/breakdown in Confusion is partially edited out. Brief cut between 5-8-6 and LMA. Right channel talking in Danish, edit partially removes some of the bit between LMA and TPK. Also edits out the "Paul Young cover" comment at the start of LWTUA.

AUD v3   
88:06.  Punters chant after Confusion > 5-8-6. Tap on mic during band spoken intro of Age Of Consent. This version has a sound like the mic gets tapped when Bernard says the "we're gonna" part [tap] of "we're gonna play a Paul Young number".

AUD #4   'New Depression Music' bootleg.  This has a click after Bernard's "we're gonna play a Paul Young number" quip, and none of the other details that the others do.  LWTUA included in certain versions of 1987-08-26 as an extra track, not credited to this show.

VID #1  Featuring only Blue Monday & LWTUA (amateur handheld video)


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