NO: 27 JUN 1984 The Mayfair - Southampton England



Confusion, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, Your Silent Face, Lonesome Tonight, Thieves Like Us, Face Up, Age Of Consent,The Perfect Kiss, Sunrise

From Brynn: "Regarding the above gig , which I went to, unfortunately I remember very little apart from a few technical problems, but I do remember that the support band were an Australian band called 'The Scientists', remember buying their album a few days after the gig , still have today!"

Made available by "IP Freely", aka Snotters.  A superior version surfaced through TMK.

Mike adjustment sounds from the taper and Bernard plucking his bass before the start of Confusion. The sound fluctuates a bit in the first minute as the soundman adjusts the mix.

At about 1:37 Bernard chants, "Roadie has my bass drum." and cries out "DMX" at 1:50.

BS: "Thanks very much."

Everything's Gone Green

Hooky's intro basswork is very odd, to say the least.

EGG segues into Temptation.

A bit of feedback through Bernard's first verse.

BS: "Thank you very much."

Your Silent Face is next.

Bernard sings, "You've asked what you've seen, you said...'Fuck off'!" which he repeats a bit later on by itself.

At the end, it sounds like he says, "Amuse yourself, please."

Lonesome Tonight follows.

Hooky twangs his bass at the very end.

BS: "Hello everybody, it's so nice of you all to be here tonight with us."

And a few seconds later, in response to a particularly loud heckler.

BS: "Shut your mouth, shitface. I don't mean all of you, I just mean him."

Thieves Like Us

During the intro, one of the synth sounds like it packed up.

More shouting and squabbling amongst the punters.

Face Up 

Unique stuttering drum intro here, sounding like that of Blue Monday's.

lyric: "I have you at home tonight / You were such a stupid cow."

and "I've heard it all before, I've heard it all before / I've heard two in '64."

As well as other improvised lyrics. Hooky vamps over the latter part of the song, playing brilliantly here.

Age Of Consent

BS: "Well, we've made a mistake on that one. Just to prove that we don't use tape recorders. Who notices a few bum notes, eh?"

(TJ's version missing first line of above)

Hooky plays the opening bass riff to the song, stops, and then starts up again.

The Perfect Kiss follows, with quite an unusual (and excellent) opening.

At 4:36, Bernard sings, "I know it's so good / I know it's so bad", which unfortunately wasn't retained for the final release.

A nearly ten-minute epic. Amazingly good. Hooky's outro bass morphs into the intro bass line to the next song, which makes its debut at this gig.

Another version (same recording) from Irvine Bhoy


The cadence of the bass intro still differs from the release version as it features ahead of The Forest-like intro dark keyboards.  The lyrics hadn't been fully formed, so at some point, I'll make an attempt to transcribe them, as I wrote years ago... 

That point has now come, and it's not easy going...since they're entirely improvised, and make little sense.

You poisoned my brother
O, we're ever so young
I have been together
It's so pathetic(?)

You found cobwebs up my eye 
when I was so young
I have been together 
for a brief time now, babe

I've heard it all before
I've heard it all before
I've heard it all before

I've heard it all before
I heard it ten years or more

It goes up up up up up up up uppppp ohhh
It goes up up up up up up up up up up up up oh

Me towards you
That's gloves(?) and you first walked off
I am you 
You are my arm... hoove...? 
Eat your...
For so long I heard you want to

It goes up up up ooh oo oo
It goes ooh ooh - ooh ooh ahhh

I always hated you 
I always thought you were a twat
Your name is Bernard
Your name is Bernard
I wish we never met two three four, ooh

And later on...

Oh you're so bad 
Oh you're so bad 
Oh you're so baaaad 
Oh you're so baaaad 

Oh you're so bad 
Oh you're so bad 

You came down from London town 
But it's ... on me
I said...
You came down from London to
But... it's ... on me

I read we...
Turned this...
I know this sense...for some love

I have been together just to tell
That we will fix this song


AUD #1  TJ Sony WM-D6c, with Aiwa CM-60 clip-on mics.  

AUD #2  TK Sony WM-D6c, with Aiwa "T" mics.  This is the version featured on YouTube.

Jon Marsh of the Beloved is also said to have recorded this show, but hasn't surfaced in a way to be attributable.


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