NO: 05 JUN 1984 Studio - Bristol, England



Thieves Like Us, Procession, Dreams Never End, Chosen Time, Your Silent Face, ICB, Face Up, 586, Age Of Consent, The Perfect Kiss, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, Blue Monday

Recording courtesy of TJ.

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Thieves Like Us

BS: "The new song is, uh, Thieves Like Us. Oh."

Mic on recorder is getting bumped while he says this.

female voice: "Did you(?) see now. Thank you. Sorry!"

(same voice that appears on some other '84 era recordings like Chippenham and Portsmouth)

This is a short (3:45) version.


Synth noise at the start is in a different pitch than wont.

Dreams Never End

Some pops/stereo shifts from 0:28 - 0:32, not sure if they're present in the source tape.

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Chosen Time follows.

Very neat filter effect at the end of this.

You Silent Face

Accidentally mixes in the staccato beat of Blue Monday at the start.

BS: "New version of...uh, Your Silent Face."

lyric: "So why don't you fuck off, twatface."

BS: "Andy, can you give us a bit more light on stage, we can't see what we play."

ICB follows.

An early version of Face Up is up next, about the fifth or sixth time they played but it still has 'scratch' lyrics.

An example.

lyrics: "First time that I saw your face, I thought it was a shitty... Your chin was long, your noise was large, your bottom was like fucking garage(?)" etc.

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5-8-6 follows.

Cut in tape at this point.

Age Of Consent

BS: "Thank you so much, nice to be here in Birmingham."

Bristol is Birmingham?

BS: "Keep all your rubbish off the stage, please."

The Perfect Kiss

This version sounds mostly like the release version, but is different enough to be interesting.

House music starts playing afterwards, and Bernard and co. come back on stage.

Everything's Gone Green

BS: "Be quiet please, I want to announce that we're moving forward(?). The day afterwards."

Doesn't make any sense.

This segues into Temptation, which features sampled frogs at the end.

Another encore.

Blue Monday

BS: "And we're just waiting for our sequencers to load up as we don't use tapes at all."

At end.

BS: "I'm afraid we don't have...[something can't make out]...for.


AUD v1 TJm Sony WM-D6 - Features same female voice that appears on '84 Portsmouth and Chippenham, that states "thank you sorry" at the start of Thieves Like us.  Master tape is TDK AD90

AUD v2 On TDK SA90 cassette. AoC cut at start.

AUD #3 Version on "Shambeko Blog" YouTube is different to others that I have heard.

AUD v2 tape


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