NO: 04 JUN 1984 Palais - Nottingham, England



The Perfect Kiss, Ceremony, Hurt, We All Stand, Leave Me Alone, Thieves Like Us, Confusion, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, Blue Monday

Original source for this writeup: MP3s downloaded from Soulseek. 128k CBR. Sound is very good.

The Perfect Kiss is about 90% like the FAC123 version, but with a more "tropical" beat, and slightly different bass riffs, with no outro Hooky vamp.

BS: "Shut up".

A few seconds later, he gives an instruction to "turn the foldback down".

"I know, you know, we believe in the chosen few..." is the chorus.

"The Chosen Few" (pyrtwist)

Ceremony follows.

Really punchy version of Hurt.

A few seconds between this and the next one, We All Stand.

At the start, Barney calls out, "Callup me" (or something that sounds like that). Then they segue right into Leave Me Alone, which ends with a two-note Hooky styling.

BS: "Thank you very much. Very much appreciate you turning up tonight."

Thieves Like Us

BS: "Love is the cure for every organ..." (lyric)


BS: "Er, this next song might cause a little confusion for once. Funny, eh? Don't laugh!"

Really pleasant high pitched two or three note refrain in the background that I haven't heard elsewhere.

Everything's Gone Green segues into Temptation.

Punter yells out "Keep trying!" as there's a couple of equipment noises before the track emerges. Interesting intro drum rhythm. This is a true combo version, at about 5:00 EGG transforms into Temptation. Barney says "A-B-C-D" instead of the typical "1-2-3-4". Right in the middle of the "Bolts from above" mantra, Barney yells, "Turn the fucking synthesizer up!" when Gillian obediantly does.

Blue Monday

Dunno if this was played as the encore, likely that it was.

Features the same drum machine sound that TPK does (at the 1:00 mark, anyway). Sounds like Bernard's mic cuts out at 2:48, on the "past until completion" line.

The track ends in a harsh analogue synth line.

Full gig (TheCassetteConverter) ...same version as featured above!


AUD v1 A mate of TJ's  WM-D6/unknown mics, ANA0.
Can be distinguished by a punter saying, "Oh, no, not bloody Blue Monday!" at the start of that track."

AUD #2 unknown taper, Sony WM-D6c/Aiwa CM90 mics.  The ones that are online are likely sourced from first or second gen sources, but not known to be lossless in that quality, the one we have lossless is not as clear.

MG also is listed as taping this using Sony TCS-350/ECM-929LT, and there's one from SD using Sony WM-D6c/ECM-909 mics.


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