NO: 21 MAY 1984 Palais, Leicester



The Perfect Kiss, Confusion, 586, Lonesome Tonight, Thieves Like Us, Ultraviolence, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, Age Of Consent, In A Lonely Place

Soundcheck (20 minutes): Sooner Than You Think (instrumental), Age Of Consent, Everything's Gone Green

The Perfect Kiss

Lady fan (who can be heard on certain other tapes) is giggling.

PH: "Good evening."

She says "Good evening" back.

Second time that The Perfect Kiss is ever played. Instrumentation is similar to the debut at RFH a week before.

Starts out with "You gave me the perfect kiss, you gave me the kiss of death"...which is repeated quite a few times. No mention of cocks, however.

Lots of cheering as the Order stir up some Confusion, followed by the beats of 5-8-6 and Lonesome Tonight, followed by a bit of tuning and Thieves Like Us, and then Ultraviolence, all played without comment.

Everything's Gone Green

BS: "Sorry for not saying anything tonight, but I can't think of anything to say."

Segues into Temptation.

punter/taper: "W...da...Bang(?)'s not real!"

Age Of Consent  and  In A Lonely Place  close out the set.

From Heaven to Heaven (Dec Hickey's book) offered extra unsold copies of tickets to the Leicester for any buyers.  The YouTube share reproduces one of these.

You can listen to the soundcheck tracks below.


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