NO: 17 MAY 1984 Paradiso, Amsterdam


Skullcrusher, Procession, Dreams Never End, Lonesome Tonight, Thieves Like Us, The Village, Ceremony, Confusion, 586, Blue Monday, Decades, Love Will Tear Us Apart

Source: MP3 on Anthology Part One in misc directory. Mislabelled as being from 12 Sep 87. Since then, I've received the full show on CD.

(link dead)

A recollection from "vinz":

"Paradiso, Amsterdam: Curtis remembered! Saw the soundcheck, they played several JD songs during the gig (LWTUA, Decades) and during the soundcheck From safety to where... Also the fast version of Confusion was tried out several times during the soundcheck. First track announced as 'New Guitar One' later called Skullcrusher and w/out lyrics. Have also a tape of this gig."

Skullcrusher aka Solitude.

This is the only extant version with lyrics.

Starts out with Hooky, then the drums kick in.

The lyrics, as best as I can transcribe, described by David Fox as "another great couplet, and why the scariest job on earth is doing New Order's sound", are as follows:

        I saw your face in this world to be born today
        We have entered the city of ours someday
        The light poured down on us from the sky today
        Oh, the light poured down on the ground on us today

        You saw your arms touch my thighs
        Turn the foldback like it was at the soundcheck!
        Turn the guitar up and turn the vocals up too!
        Oh I have never met a cunt like you!

        On the side to the ground we had such a long long time today
        We flew in from Manchester it wasn't that far away

        Death came from the sky above (x4)
        I said...Death came from the sky/


BS: "Thanks very much."

The echo on Hooky's "Soul"-cry extends it to about five seconds. After this song there's about a ten second pause.

Lonesome Tonight

My CD source has a dropout on the right channel between 2:40 - 3:15.

There's guitar tuning after this one's complete.

Thieves Like Us

BS: "Thanks very much. To the Dutch group...I always liked you, especially the ones from Rotterdam." Not to be taken at face value given the reaction to them a couple of years prior.

The Village

Another version that features "the sun, the trees, and the afterbirth." More right channel dropouts at 2:13 and 4:14. Another pause between this one and the next track.


Hooky's intro bass part starts off in the wrong key! After a short while, the band comes to a halt, and Bernard utters the following:

BS: "I apologize for our bass player."

Another pair of dropouts, one at about 2:00 and again at 4:10. The "watching forever" bit is sung in a falsetto.

BS: "Thanks very much, good night."

In "homage" to Rotterdam, the band leave the stage, leaving the fans to shout out for "more", with lots of cheering and booing, after about a minute, the cheers overwhelm the boos, as New Order take the stage again.

BS: "Danke(?)...I was off for only a minute, eh...This is really Rotterdam, this is so much about you..." (I think that's what he's saying, anyway)


Has the WRL intro sample. Left channel dropout at about 2:30 and at 3:05. Major dropout at 4:35, and a loud whistle at 5:04.


A dropout at 1:05, a fairly long one. Comes back at 2:00

BS: "Listen punk, we're not fucking playing Blue Monday tonight because we played it the last time we were here".

Which of course leads them to play Blue Monday.

The intro drum sequence sounds a bit different than normal. New Order leave the stage again (presumably, with the sequencer still going) and the fans naturally start booing again. The second break lasts about a minute and a half, although it could have been longer if there were edits.

MP3 (from New Order Anthology Part Two) source sounds like videotape, and 'crackles' throughout. This is the second (and last) time New Order peforms this Joy Division song (not counting soundchecks). This is an excellent rendition.


Help making this out would be appreciated for those who have a copy, this may be the statement what Jon ten Have says they weren't performing these songs for the audience, but in memory of Ian Curtis, though they dedicate the song to somebody named Raymond.

Here's what I have for Bernard's intro:

BS: "I mean, you horrible bastards, you don't deserve this, but we're not doing it for you, we're doing it for a friend of ours called Raymond."

The CD version has more dropouts at 3:20 and 6:03.


PH: "If you didn't deserve that, than you certainly don't fucking deserve this!", leading to a fairly raucous rendition of the JD classic. The second verse has Bernard almost inaudible in the mix, so as a consequence he sings very loudly. Massive feedback during the bridge, and the song comes to a close with a two note vamp and a refrain, and then a wall of feedback. This is as heartfelt a performance of Joy Division songs the band have ever put forth.


AUD #1 (ANA1) - unknown taper/equipment, 441 (Hawkeye HE007 boot LP)/NOAA vol 7, Renko 

A/B split between TLU and The Village (faded in). Missing 'Blue Monday'.

AUD #2 (ANA2) - unknown taper/equipment, old MP3-based source from Mark 'Marko' Lubeski/EZT/DIME: 'ukkevinl'/TJ, chrispoor (DIME)

Originally seeded to STG very early on, but as an inferior mono transfer, subsequently seeded to EZT by ukkevin1 on 2005-01-12, both in SHN format, which was transcoded to FLAC and re-seeded on 2007-06-15 by robertinos. 

Distinguished by talking at the start of Skullcrusher/Solitude. Brief cut between tracks for 2nd through 6th songs, and then cut between each of the tracks for the 8th song to the end. This version has the guitar way left, kick leftish, and bass right in the center. It also has a few stereo field shifts probably caused by the taper adjusting positioning. 

Update: 'ukevinl' seeded a better copy than the prior mono-ish version that was originally put on STG. But it seems the tape it was taken from was a bit worn. TJ also has this source, which is likely a slight upgrade on the extant seeds. It also has a few stereo field shifts probably caused by the taper adjusting positioning. TJ's seems to have more of the action on the right channel and is a bit more distant. The seeded version *may* be the same as TJs, since he describes that at the very beginning also has low voices speaking Dutch. It seems to be louder than the rest, but that might have been the result of the transfer. On 2014-01-26, chrispoor seeded an ANA2 which betters all other versions. talvenaika has an unabridged recording (unlineaged) w/o some of the cuts in chirspoor's.

AUD #3 - (ANA1-2) - taped by GG with Sony WM-D6

SebD says the same guy in Arnheim (.nl) who taped JD-800118 taped this gig, with a WM-D6. What I believe is a low-gen (ANA1-2) version showed up on DIME in January 2006 posed by a 'WillemDeKat'. 

Starts off with Hooky saying "Hallo Amsterdam". Cut (faded out) between 586 and BM. At the end of the pre-encore break taper gets impatient and (in English) states "Let's go!". Does not have the fade at the end of Lonesome Tonight like AUD #2, and if you can strain, you can just about make out the "da-da-duh-da-da" about 15s-20s." seeded again to DIME 2020-10-21 by paneuropean.


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