NO: 15 APR 1984 Galactica - Luneburg, Germany



Thieves Like Us, Ceremony, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, 586, Lonesome Tonight, The Village, Hurt, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday, Your Silent Face

Copy thanks to TJ.

His notes:

Picked up mid-84, can't remember trader's name. Reasonable show, funny version of Hurt. Annoying tape flip issue at very start of Village, and it sounds as though the taper missed the record button at the very start of Your Silent Face.

Thieves Like Us

Song peters to an end with synths and guitar, and an interesting Hooky melody that I've only heard in between songs in their Joy Division days (notably after 'Digital' at Plan K, 17 JAN 1980)

BS: "Thank you...thank you very much."


A bit of feedback at a couple of points.

First bit of audience banter at 1:53 on the tape.

Everything's Gone Green

BS: "Thank you very much, I can see that you're easily, uh, bright to st...[stutters].. estasticism..." [?]

Segues into Temptation.

thanks to bcingyou for the photo
5-8-6 and Lonesome Tonight follow.

The Village

Tape flip cuts off a bit of the beginning of this song.


Hooky says something, probably in response to a banterer. I can't make it out.

BS: "Eh, let's all be here together in love and peace between all mankind. No drink, no sex, no drugs, we're just here enjoying ourselves."

A few seconds later.

BS: "Peace, love, and..." [can't make out last part]

Interesting lyrics by Barney. Wish I could make what he was rambling about.

Some heckling beteen songs, not all of it in German. I hear "Nazi!"

Since somebody recognizes (?) out there, come backstage after." And I then hear somebody saying "twat".

BS: "Thank you...[something, a few words] after that."

German lass says the band name.

Blue Monday ends the main set.

There's a cut, with Your Silent Face being the encore.

"So why don't you FUCK off?"

Hooky ends it all with a long rubber-band like bass solo. There's a couple of seconds of post-gig venue music before the tape cuts.

Via Joy Division Central Twitter


AUD #1 - unknown taper / equipment.  As detailed above.


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