NO: 12 APR 1984 Trinity Hall - Hamburg, Germany



Age Of Consent, Denial, Chosen Time, Thieves Like Us, ICB, Your Silent Face, Confusion, 586, Blue Monday, Everything's Gone Green

Various M/2 sources of the same source tape.

The tape has about 20 seconds of intro audience ephemera before the first song,  Age Of Consent is played. The tape garbles about a minute into the song.

"One, two, three, four"...and "Everything's Gone Green" are some of the interesting things that can be heard shouted out by punters, right before the martial drumbeats of Denial pound their skulls into a pulp.

The same Kraut who yells at the start yells again in front of Chosen Time.

More shout outs. The band has still not talked to the audience.  Thieves Like Us and ICB follow.

BS: "Ed, try turning the compressor down a bit."

Somebody cries for "Transmission."

BS: "Turn the vocals back up a bit."

Your Silent Face

lyric: "Why don't you fuck off?"

Another shout out by the usual suspect, followed by a "one two three four" and a nice "untie your shoe, you twat!". Nasty feedback squall and guitar strum, in preparation for the instrument swapping that precedes Confusion.

punter: "Raise any [lads]...stand off, let's go!"

opener Shark Vegas (Discogs)

A/B split at this point.


The TJ version has about 11 seconds of drumming that the others don't.

A long break between songs, with the UK guy shouting on "C'mon, lads!"

Blue Monday

BS: "Uh, this next one's a load of shite that we copied off Divine. It's called, eh, Blue Monday. Painful getting this fucking sequencer loaded."

The UK punter yells: "Must be pretty shite anyway!"

Everything's Gone Green closes out the set.


SBD #1 - (only EGG from this show has surfaced publicly) 'elegia' (NOOL), from Fitz. Sound done by Oz. Surfaced in July 2009, a sample of EGG has been made available.

AUD #1 - unknown taper/equipment.  This is the one featured on YouTube. TJ has a copy he picked up from Clive Hawthorne that's different than the one I have, that's a superior recording but has a few glitches in 'Sunrise' Both tapes feature "That Bird" ...who shouts out something between 0:35-0:38 and calls out 'Barney!' at 0:45. Who is she???... Confirmed that SebD's is the same recording he lists WM-D6 (CH version)  ANA1. 

AUD #2 - unknown taper/equipment.  perspexorange: "Finally, there’s a partial 12/04/84 Hamburg variant that I haven’t heard before. This starts at ‘Chosen Time’. The version I had previously (AUD#1?) has a loud, distinctive cheer, followed by ‘whoop’ in the right channel from someone else. This new variant has the cheer, but doesn’t have the whoop. Sadly this is only 2.5 tracks long. It’s labelled as ‘part 2’, so perhaps Don has the rest." Well, part 1 would just be the first two this just might be incomplete, unconditionally.


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