NO: 10 APR 1984 Saga Cinema - Copenhagen, Denmark



Ceremony, Dreams Never End, The Village, Sooner Than You Think, Leave Me Alone, The Him, Ultraviolence, Hurt, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation (and 20 minutes later an encore of) Blue Monday

Ceremony opens the set.

BS: "Thanks very much, everybody."

Dreams Never End follows.

Hooky screams the word "scream" at the end. Awesome.

The Village

Synths go seriously out of tune for Sooner Than You Think, which features the developmental version of the lyrics, with "You know that I love you" being the chorus.

tdk c90 site
Leave Me Alone is next.

The Him

Bernard hocks and spits after singing the line 'A small boy kneels, humble, in a great hall'.


Bernard realizes that their performance here is dire (in no small part due to the bottle of Pernod nearby) and starts improvising:

"This is a song called Ultraviolence
The crafty buggers(?) are full of shit"

ending with...

"Say no more, say no more..."

...there's other assorted niceties here I have to transcribe...

Hurt and Everything's Gone Green follow, the latter segueing into Temptation.  All excellent.

Fade out/in back to the encore of Blue Monday.

Apparently, Mr. Sumner was a no-show here, with Hooky and Slim handling vocal duties, with Hooky doing the first version and Slim continuing on. Quite unique.

About the 7:00 point, Slim says something, but I can't make it out due to all the reverb.

tdk c90 site

Alternate rendition (same recording)


AUD v1 - BK - Sony TCS-300 series, built in.  Venue has up until recently been misidentified as the 'Falcon Centrale'.  BK shared this in 2007.  This version can be distinguished by somebody going "haaaaay" right at the start of Ceremony. The recording is fairly clear but is monaural.

AUD #2 - The version shared on YouTube.  unknown taper / mics.  See

AUD v3 - from or taped by Leif Petersen, unknown equipment.  Recording is excellent-to-outstanding quality, done with very good mics. GB: "Wow, I remember getting a copy of this show from Leif Petersen (DK) who also had a master?? Not sure if it's the same as the 7-track one." Different audience recording with Viking-style grunting at the very start, where the tape is then paused, missing out on the very start of 'Ceremony'. Sound of tape being ejected at the start of "The Him", so presume that could be a gap the 7 track version, though that's track 6 in the setlisting, as neither AUD #1 nor AUD #2 have breaks at that point. Tape flip between 'Hurt' (ending part cut off) and 'EGG'. Recording starts midway during encore track "Blue Monday", so misses out on the first part.

AUD v4 - unknown taper/equipment.  Missing encore of Blue Monday probably due to master being on C60 and running out of tape. Flip point between "The Him" and "Ultraviolence". Start cut on Hurt.


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