NO: 08 APR 1984 Metropol - Berlin, Germany



Blue Monday, Age Of Consent, Lonesome Tonight, Your Silent Face, Dreams Never End, Face Up, Thieves Like Us, Sister Ray (jam), Confusion, 586, Temptation

Shark Vegas opened.  Their set can be heard here:  

Source for the gig writeup: download from

(notes from the above least when it existed, stuff seems to be at now)  ...none of the links pull up, not even though Internet Archive.

This looks like it's taken from an LP bootleg.  Sound is fairly boomy, and alas, there seem to be some skips. I've subsequently got a complete, lossless copy.

At the beginning of Track 6 on the bootleg is improvisation but it sounds like Sister Ray which leads into Confusion. Also, listen to Bernard's disgust with the Berlin audience at the beginning of Track 6.

This concert also features an early version of Face Up. The lyrics sound like they are being made up on the spot.

(my own notes follow)

Blue Monday

An illustration on why fans of the Order's live efforts think that the '84 versions of this song are best.

Age Of Consent

Bernard's opening solo is a bit off.

Lonesome Tonight

Profanity alert: "my eyes are made of stone...just like your fucking home"

Your Silent Face is played next.  Virtually nothing audible from the crowd.

Hooky tunes up between this and Dreams Never End, which passes through in a blur. After which you can hear a solitary punter call out for Everything's Gone Green.

Face Up

BS: "Why you horrible bastards."

Third time this song is ever performed. Great sounds in this one, especially if you like bass. I would actually differ with George's opinion that the lyrics are being "made up on the spot", though obviously the arrangement is far from the final version. The chorus can be heard a couple of times through it, for instance.

Tape edit at this point on the lossless version.

Thieves Like Us

BS: "...grateful."
[tape is missing first part of this utterance]

BS: "This is a laid-back set tonight."

You can hear stuff getting plugged out and back in again, which should tell you what kind of audience this was.

Sister Ray (improv)

BS: "Right, you're the most miserable fucking audience we've ever played to in our fucking lives. *Never* *ever* want to come back to Berlin again, ever, you MISERABLE FUCKING BASTARDS. (spit)"

Never, Never Play Berlin Again boot LP

They did come back in 2001, all was forgiven.

All of this has to be heard to be appreciated.

Some strange sampling along with tuneless chords at this point.

BS: "I didn't mean that, actually" "It was just...the season was wrong..." (both sentences are lost in a wash of reverb)

The improv version of Sister Ray segues into Confusion.

BS: "How about Confusion, you..."
(all of this is buried in reverb, very hard to make out)


Ends with motorcycle samples, which also appear on the final track of this set,  Temptation.

Face Up 08 Apr 84 Metropol - Berlin

I met you three years ago
Your...was trapped in a drunken(?)...
Your eyes was green, your nose was big
My heart felt low, many lives(?) were hot(?)...

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you Knowing you like I used to do
[can't make out a couple of lines]
Knowing you like I used to do

You said three years ago thought our lives... You went down the longest [can't make out](?) Lives will be torn about yours too...
Yours and me, we'll look at you.

I love you like I knew I should.
I love you like a piece of wood.

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you

Knowing you like I used to do
Our lives rebel're good.
From the bedroom to the bathroom floor
Oh, you don't need me anymore

Oh it's so good, oh it's so right
That belongs to my wife.

I hurt you like I knew I would.
That's why I treat you like a piece of wood.

I have all this sound I want
Oh, the devil will believe you
I have all of your time, a long time ago I never will believe, I never will believe I never will believe you
(last two lines repeated three times or so)

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you

I never will believe, never will believe you You won't...believe it too.

We have there...
Our life was...

[Bernard falsettos a few words]

You have all those years in our lives to go We were just like children that play,
I knew you would...
Moving apart, moving apart
Moving apart, moving apart apart

(in falsetto)
Moving apart, moving apart
Moving apart, apart
Moving apart
You want me so, and that was that

(falsetto again)
Moving apart, moving apart
Moving apart, moving apart

I loved you like I knew I should
Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you Knowing you like I used to do
In your heart, this stays new


I guess you know the day
I guess you know the day
I guess you know...


VID #1 - Lonesome Tonight / Skullcrusher (uncredited) / Confusion on PC&L Definitive Edition DVD.

None of those are online, but you can watch this piece filmed by friend of the band Mark Reeder of Shark Vegas, from B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979-1989

AUD #1 - "booomboom" - Sony WM-D6, Aiwa 101 Stereo (dual) mics.

BZ is the taper/trader GaoBest received his copy from. BB confirms him and BZ often taped together. From BB: I received a message from snotters and now I want to clear up all the things for this tape. I`m one of the best friends of Bernhard Zipp, we spent a lot of time together in Berlin and we taped a lot of shows together in the Berlin Clubs and other venues. It`s true that BZ taped this show in 1984, but I was together with him at the show and holding the mics. But I have the master tape in my collection and BZ has nothing, we still have contact, and BZ asked me to get the master back, I told him that I want to seed the master at Easytree and it`s okay for him. BZ masters or mine, never a problem, because we taped all shows together. So I promised to you that I will seed this show this weekend."

The bootleg version and what's up on YouTube are from this.

AUD #2 - unknown taper - unknown equipment.

DIME seed on 2008-12-21. This is a different recording than BB/BZ, as break between TLU and Bernard's tirade is more pronounced and there's l. ch clapping at the end of Temptation not on BB/BZ's, as well as a closeby shout for 'Everything's Gone Green' at the start of 'The Japanese One' (Face Up) that's more distant on the BB/BZ version. 

dimenew: "That NO show was send to me by my Berlin contact, Juergen Peschel, very shortly after the show, he must have known the taper. As I lost contact with Juergen entirely, that's all I can say."


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