NO: 05 APR 1984 Alabamahalle - Munich, Germany



Ceremony, The Village, Thieves Like Us, Ultraviolence, We All Stand, Leave Me Alone, Denial, Confusion, Blue Monday, Face Up, Sister Ray

Listing courtesy of TJ.  

Bernard introduces Ultraviolence with "This one is called, 'I'm a c*nt'"

Blue Monday also from PC&L DE, via "Jesahel".

As Bernard and Hooky add a four letter word to "But if it wasn't for your misfortune", Bernard grabs some flowers which were handed to him that he eventually bends the stems and tosses them aside.  Probably a commentary about Morrissey and his gladiolas.
Audience recordings for this show do not seem to readily circulate, though at least one is known to exist, so I have limited information on the proceedings.  Even NOOL's live listings does not include this show.


VID #1 - Video for TLU / BM from PC&L Definitive Edition.

AUD v1 - Inferred since we have a report of Bernard's introduction to one of the songs not on PC&L DE.


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