NO: 31 MAR 1984 Haus Neid - Frankfurt, Germany



Skullcrusher, Blue Monday, Chosen Time, Leave Me Alone, Your Silent Face, Thieves Like Us, Hurt, Dreams Never End, Age Of Consent, In A Lonely Place

3-4th generation audience tape, your typical bootleg quality bootleg. But better than some!

According to Al Jarvis, a coachload of Brits, among them including Jon Marsh (The Beloved) and 'that bloke from EMF...older than the rest of them' were among the luminaries along for the ride, so that is why the crowd sounds like the typical Brit gig...

They open with Skullcrusher, which has vocals. The is the first time this one is ever played live. It has different lyrics than the Paradiso version commonly available on MP3.

Blue Monday

BS: "Thanks very much...You tell us what you want us to play and we'll play it."

NO don't do much talking until the break after Your Silent Face.

BS: "We won't play Temptation tonight because we played it last night. We are playing Thieves Like Us now because we didn't play it last night."

The intro to Hurt gets flubbed a bit.

Intro to Age of Consent has Bernard mouthing out the following, in broken English.

BS: "We play special long set for you Germans tonight."

After the Order finish, Barney makes the following comment.

BS: "Who said punk was dead?"

Bernard introduces In A Lonely Place with a remarkable statement.

BS: "This is the most evil song I have ever heard in my life."

Photo set (Instagram, via thehaciendafac51)


AUD #1 Shakepiggie (DIME, March 2007). Cut between Hurt and DNE. Likely taped by a German.

AUD #2 Happytrader (DIME, May 2010), and as featured on the YouTube version.  Has pre-gig intro music, a bit worse-sounding than Shakepiggie's, but a different source.  End of Hurt cut at A/B split point. Likely also taped by a German.

Other tapers: Jon Marsh (of The Beloved), who came in from the aformentioned coach, which doesn't seem to be in circulation.


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