NO: 30 MAR 1984 Uni-Mensa - Dusseldorf



Your Silent Face, Temptation, Procession, The Village, The Him, 5-8-6, Confusion, Denial, Blue Monday, Face Up, Lonesome Tonight

Soundcheck (5 minutes): Confusion

New Order jaunt out to Europe for a few dates.

Likely two audience recordings, the one used for the gigography listing, and the one from TJ, featured above which has been shared on the 40th anniversary of this show.

The incomplete version misses Your Silent Face and Temptation and is missing half of the last song.  The first two tracks have now been sourced and can be heard here:

The more complete version apparently also includes the soundcheck of 'Confusion', though this didn't seem to be present on the above


Bernard starts out the second verse singing in a falsetto!

BS: "Thank you very much. Sorry about that. We had a slight technical problems."

A couple of bass notes.

The Village

One of the versions that mentions 'afterbirth'.

The Him

BS: "Take it down a little now, this one's about war."

5-8-6 follows.

Via MDMArchive

The usual soundchecking before Confusion.

Brief cut at 2:25 during that song (On the TJ-source version).

BS: "That was Confusion. Buy it, you bastards."

Denial follows.

Very interesting drum sounds right before Blue Monday.

lyric: "If it wasn't for your misfortune, I'd be a stupid cunt today."

Bernard throws in 'Love Reaction/Gives me satisfaction' as well.

Brief cut on TJ version.

Face Up

BS: "The first time we ever played before...just [something] up and down." (hard to make out)

Features 'scratch' lyrics used during 1984 performances of this song.

Some comments in German as people shout for an encore.

Another cut (on the TJ-sourced version)

Lonesome Tonight

BS: "This is a very slow song...[can't make out]...punters, oh dear. It's called 'Are you Lonesome Tonight?"


AUD #1 unknown taper/equipment - bcingyou has a source on his Tape #471 which is more complete with unique source for tracks 1 to 5. The Him has quick cut as last note fades perhaps due to tape flip near 30 minute mark when copying on an upstream 60 minute tape.

AUD #2 unknown taper/equipment - TJ: "...easily the best recording I've ever heard of this gig, but flawed: - no KW1 or Temptation at the start - Lonesome Tonight cuts out just over halfway through. Can't remember for sure who I got this from, but it was mid-April 1984.  Probably ANA2 I would think, but it was mid-April 1984. Probably ANA2 I would think but don't quote me on that!" TJ also mentions a brief cut between Confusion and Denial (which is not in evidence)."  There is a more complete (but poorer-sounding?) version that includes soundcheck of 'Confusion'. Lonesome Tonight on this version is complete.


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