NO: 19 MAR 1984 Caesar's Palace, Bradford



Age Of Consent, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, 586, Lonesome Tonight, Your Silent Face, Confusion, Ceremony, Blue Monday, Face Up, Thieves Like Us

Soundcheck (90 minutes):

Your Silent Face, Face Up, Blue Monday, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation, 586

The original copy that I have of this is labelled a second generation copy, though it sounds more like 3rd gen to me with the hiss.

It's a great audience recording anyway, must have been a D5 used to tape it.  This is the gig only, not the soundcheck, which is extant, about 80 odd minutes long, and very boring. I'd highly recommend you get a copy, this is a really good performance.  There are no less than three audience sources to choose from, as I've subsequently picked up a copy from Snotters from what appears to be a different source, with even better characteristics than my original, and have heard a sample from Waterisnat from a different audience source.

This should be the same version that's up on YouTube (courtesy of Fractured/Image) which matches to AUD #3 below.  There's some chatter at the start in the right channel.

Gig opens off with Age Of Consent followed by Everything's Gone Green, which segues into Temptation (with the taper I suspect responsible for the "dud-duh-du-du-duh duh-duh-du-du-du"'s that can be heard through), which segues into 5-8-6.  The sequencer packs it in pretty early, so we're treated
to a syndrum/bass pattern much more extended than usual, excellent stuff.  All told, the segues clock in at over 25 minutes.

Volume level rises at about 2:00 of EGG.

Any show containing Lonesome Tonight (possibly the best NO song ever) is going to be a good show.  Followed by Your Silent Face, ace.  KW1 has *boing* reverb effects and Bernard's mic cut out mid-song (or he came in a sequence too early), and tons of reverb at the 'pisssissis offfofffoff' line.

Confusion starts out with the 'W...W-R-L' feature on Confusion 87, which is sampled back throughout the first part of the song.  Keyboards obscure the vocals at a couple of points.  "Ratata-tatata-hey" can
be heard at a few points as well.

A bit of a pause before Ceremony, which follows.

Intro to Blue Monday

BS:  "Next one's called '99 Red Balloons'" (referring to the Nena song which was a hit at the time)

Hehe.  Lots of shouting along during the intro.

Lotsa interesting sounds in this one, including what sounds like Hooky impersonating a drummer. ;-)

Also Bernard can be heard to say "Shake it, shake it, shake it".

Everything's Gone Green

Sounds like at the start the taper is chattering excitedly and even whoops a few seconds in.

Face Up is debuted at this gig!  

BS: "Right.  This, eh, this next one is a new song that we're going to try out."  And a few seconds later, "You'll all like this."

Bass sequencer featured...keyboard lines slightly different...and lyrics very different, and historically interesting, even given they're being made up on the spot.

                                   Face Up - 19 Mar 84 - Caesar's Palace - Bradford England

Here are the lyrics.

There's been a few (?) between two
Just the two of us
You know I hope, I hope it's always been the same I've known you since you were sixteen
Between your legs I've always been

A perfect fit, that, your hairy twat
But your hairy twat is like a fur trap

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you

Being like we used to be
Alone on our own just the two us
Now you left me all alone
To serve my pride(?), my very own

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you Living on my own
Just the one I need
Just make me fall for the rest of your life

We've all done this a few times now
I like shagging you but I also think
You are a fucking fat cow
You've got spots

I go to someone else I know
Even though I love you
I can't leave you alone like I know I should You've got a brain like a piece of wood

And oh how I cannot bear the thought of you Loving you like I used to do
We're always meant for each other
Brother, someone so like my brother

Oh you're gone such a long time now

It's been such a long time, now
It's been such a long time, now

Between your ears I've seen your face
It's caused me very much disgrace
You look like the Elephant Man
That's just talking so I can

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you Seeing you like I used to do
I never knew it would come to this
It all started from the perfect kiss!
The perfect kiss!
The perfect kiss!

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you 

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you, ooh

Oh how I cannot bear the thought of you 

Seeing you...


Encore is Thieves Like Us.

PH:  "You're getting something out of it, eh?"

Starts with bass solo, quite unlike anything I've heard elsewhere.  Kewl.  And there's extra lyrics in there, nothing special, but nice.

BS:  "This is the very last pop group to appear in the 1980s."

This consists of a Hooky drone, and lasts for maybe about 30 sec.

Joy Div Central Twitter link, with a photo of the RJ master.


AUD #1 - RJ - Sony WM-D6c, Aiwa CM-30. Blogspot version. Brief cut between Confusion and Ceremony. Female voice sounds like RJ's companion "Jan". (ANA0). 

RJ tape
AUD #2 - TBB - Panasonic RQJ6 w/built-in mics.  Auto-levelling resembling 'Dolby C' NR due to the incredible loudness of the drums in the venue. (ANA1)

AUD #3 - unknown taper/equipment.  At least three different audience sources, perhaps more. Originally seeded by Snotters to STG (Sharing The Groove) on 2004-06-05, reposted by davemings to DIME on 2007-06-19. SD and/or AB may be AUD #3 variant.... (ANA2)

AUD #4 - unknown taper/equipment.  talvenaika: "It's Not Snotters version. Different Voices On My Version Between The 2 Guitar Strums And Just Before AOC Starts. No Brief Cut Between Confusion And Ceremony So Not AUD#1. There Are 2 Strums Of The Guitar Before AOC Starts And There Is A Woman Talking At That Time On Bcingyou's Version I Just Downloaded. Not On My Version. Also Different Voices From TBB At The Same Point Of The 2 Guitar Strums. My Version Has TLU Fading In. I Could Be Wrong But Check It Out." Cut is between KW1 and Confusion on this version.

Other tapers: SD (D6/ECM-909, ANA3-JoB), AB (ANA1), plus full soundcheck tape as listed on the gigography, which I don't have a copy of.


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