NO: 02 DEC 1983 Town Hall - Bournemouth



We All Stand, Ceremony, Leave Me Alone, In A Lonely Place, Hurt, Denial,, Ultraviolence, Age Of Consent, 586, Confusion

Soundcheck (30 minutes): Blue Monday, 586, Leave Me Alone

I have three copies of this performance, with two different sources.

#1 is a tape with this gig and the soundcheck, the sound is about third/fourth generation on this one, with some hiss and rumble. 8/9.  GaoBest has a copy of this that is pristine first-generation sounding (but is actually 2nd gen, according to him), 9/9+, which I have since obtained and copied. This version does not have a cut 586! This source also appears on volume six of the New Order MP3 Anthologies, and is taken from an even higher generation source than my original tape copy.

#2 has only surfaced recently, and apparently was taped by Neil Donkin.  It has somewhat superior sound to the first two copies (not so sure about this after listening to GaoBest's), and a good "down in front" feel without the chanting. 9-/9, only marred by a couple of technical glitches.

A lot of the following information should help the gentle reader figure out the difference between all the version. The original writeup is based on listening to #1.

There appears to be absolutely no interaction between New Order and the crowd here.

We All Stand

#2 has sporadic chattering from 0:30 - 1:00.


Two strummed chords, and full speed ahead.

#2 has scuffling between 0:30 - 0:40.

#1 has annoying heckling between Ceremony and Leave Me Alone. Sounds like football chants, fairly silly stuff. "Come on you Spurs!" can be heard in between Leave Me Alone and IALP, as well as between IALP and Hurt.


Has a bass solo not otherwise present on the normal, released version. #2 has a skip about 2:30 in, dunno if this is just in my CD (I suspect it is) or a problem upstream. If you listen carefully during the intro, you can hear a bit of vocoder, similar to what was used in the Order's cover of "Love Reaction". :) Excellent, excellent version.

Some Hawaiian guitar chords before the drumming which marks _Denial_, marred by Bernard flubbing the opening verse. Fans yell out 1-2-3-4 on this.

Tape break in #1 version.


Features a Wild West-type opening riff, or it could be an attempt at The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction".

Go here for a listen:

BS: "Eddie, can I have more DMX through the front...and through here as well." A really good version of this underrated gem. Has the "who killed my father" lyrics.

Age Of Consent

Either Bernard was forgetting lyrics or they were having mic problems... he repeats the first line..."Won't you...please let me go?" three times.

#2 has a skip at about 2:15, could be a mastering fault.


My earlier copies of #1 and 2 has a cut here, as this is the A/B split, but the GaoBest #1 does not!

Another repeated first line...Bernard swears about his foldbacks or something like that, but does it in his singing voice:

BS: "Straghtaway you left...Eddie, would you take the fucking Quadra out the foldback."

A few females chatter away on #2 in the thirty seconds between the end of 5-8-6 and Confusion.


New Order really goes wild with the samples on this version.

#2 has a scuffle about 1:15 in. Loud female shouting "No!" or something like that about 4:20 in. The Anthologies version of #1 cuts after 4:47 (the song is about seven minuts long). All other versions are complete.


Sound appears to have been taken from a video recorder.

Drums and a bit of cheesy keyboard, and distortion.

"202, tom." Something about speakers.

Drumming from Heart and Soul, and more distortion

Keyboards from Your Silent Face aka KW1, and yet more distortion.

Keyboards from Blue Monday, and the sequencer.

Keys and synths for Confusion.

Some talking, and not recognizing keyboard playing.

Bass riffs...aborted JD riffs.

"Birthday Party" (the band with Nick Cave) riffs

One Two Three Four ad infinitum

Start of bass riff for 586, then some dialogue, and then a long synth note, followed by other similar notes.

Some drums and bass, nothing recognizable.

A couple of interesting bass riffs, and then some more.

Drum machine for 5.8.6, and sequencer patterns.

Then a performance of 586!

And Leave Me Alone, including backing vocals.

More synth notes. Then the tape cuts off.


VID #1 - 55mins according to MC WIM list) 'bad quality but interesting'. 10 songs, Confusion cuts.

AUD #1 - RW - unknown equipment.  Probably the version on YouTube.  Corresponds with #1 above.

AUD #2 - ND - unknown equipment.  Shared via NOOL, but not sure how widely it circulates.  Corresponds with #2 above

AUD #3 - TK ('Mr. Rubbish' on DIME) - Grundig mono mic, unknown walkman-type recorder. 
Recording is in mono. Taped from somewhere behind the mixing desk. Seeded to DIME 2008-08-14.

AUD v4 - RJ - Sony WM-D6c, Aiwa CM-30.  Female voice at start is girlfriend Jan. Internal cut during AoC at 3:08 as taper was slow to flip.

Others tapers: Dec Hickey, Sony TCS-300, built-in mics / JK (two different recorders, Sony WM-D6 w/Aiwa mics and Sony TCS-300, w/built-in mics)


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