NO: 01 DEC 1983 The Academy - Brixton


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Fractured/Image Playlist 

(...also including openers James & The Wake)


Confusion, Temptation, Your Silent Face, Thieves Like Us, Sooner Than You Think, Procession, Chosen Time, The Village, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday (Love Reaction)

"Love reaction, gives you satisfaction". This gig promimently features NO's "cover" of Love Reaction, which was a ripoff of Blue Monday done by Divine.

Also features the debut of Sooner Than You Think. Titled Aleph, it sounds different enough to warrant its own trackname.

I'll eventually get around transcribing this one, but in the meantime, here are some reviews:

Sounds 10 DEC 83
Live review by Dave McCullough

McCullough--defintely not happy with what he perceives as New Order playing "over indulgant disco trash...TERRIBLE rubbish, again a vague insult to the blacks who do it so much better..."

Melody Maker 11 Jan 86
Interview by Adam Sweeting

Bernard responds to the criticims that NO were contemptuous of the audience by saying they were really directing it at themselves.

MP3 copy made from LP. Sound is poppy, but OK. Sounds like a fairly rowdy gig from the playback.



There's some talking near the mic between Confusion and _Temptation_.

Your Silent Face and Temptation follows.

Thieves Like Us 

PH: "This one's for someone who, ah, couldn't be with us tonight. Because he's gone to seen the Moving Hearts, the bastard."

The group improvise a bit before they start playing.

Hooky says something like "so what"...

The song kicks in properly, but there's a false start. It ends in strummed guitar.


This is the prototype for Sooner Than You Think, but sounds different enough to warrant its own title. It's almost an instrumental, but does have Bernard singing the following lyrics:

"If you are like one of these/
You want to live with me today"

Chosen Time

Has a unique synth line that's featured prominently here.

The Village

BS: "This is the professional part of the set now...we've given you all the shit, now the good stuff."

lyric: "Our love is like the fucking flowers, the rain, the sea, and the fucking hours."

Some guitar strumming in between tunes...

Age Of Consent follows.

Blue Monday  (Love Reaction)

Here it is, Love Reaction New Order style. Hooky and Barney chant 'Love Reaction/Gives you satisfaction' and other lyrics from the Divine/Bobby O NO ripoff.  Awesome.


AUD #1 - 'Dreams Are Over' LP boot, and probably the one used in the YT video.

AUD #2 - KW - 'small Sony recording Walkman'. Seeded on EZT on 2005-03-08 by this individual.
This is probably the version used by Fractured/Image.

KW: The quality is not bad for the time - a bit tinny, some distortion, but otherwise perfectly listenable. The show was released (in part) as a bootleg LP called "Dreams Are Over" in inferior sound quality - this is a much better source. Source of this is the cassette master Iit is apparent that the SC-MM is from two other sources. Mine sits between the two in terms of recording quality. The first part of lammah's seed is definitely the clearest, recorded it myself on a small Sony recording Walkman). It was transferred from cassette (played on a Nakamichi Dragon, the world's finest-ever cassette deck) onto audio CD via a Marantz CD recorder. The audio files were SHN-ed from iTunes and uploaded." Has a volume drop at about 3:20 of Temptation, for about 1m. The version that wolfram has is a lowgen of this, and edits out the low-volume portion. A/B between Procession and Chosen Time."

AUD v3 - v1 - Sony WM-D6, hand-held Sony stereo mic, 90 degrees.  IA: The A/B cut on this tape is before "The Village". There are some slight mic problems in the right channel causing levels to dip from time to time, but I have left most of these as they are."  v1: "Noticed that you've posted the Brixton Academy recording - this was a Sony Professional job with hand-held Sony mic (can't recall the model no. but it was the best one they did at the time for the WM D6)."  Not circulated widely.

AUD #4 - unknown.  Seeded to DIME 2020-11-04. Dimitroy says it's not AUD #1 or AUD #2, and definitely not AUD #3, as there's a cut between Procession and Chosen Time.

Others known to have taped, but not taxonomied distinct recordings:  RW / MKB


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