NO: 20 JUL 1983 The Hacienda - Manchester


Fractured/Image playlist


Blue Monday, Age of Consent, Lonesome Tonight, Your Silent Face, Leave Me Alone, 586, Denial, Confusion, Temptation, Thieves Like Us, In a Lonely Place, Everything's Gone Green

I've noted that the description from:

refers to the following incident:

Midway through the second song, Hooky shows. "Ah, the black sheep returns," mutters Bernard, while shooting Hooky a rueful glance. Hookey straps on his bass, looks out into the audience, and apologised: "Hi shitheads!"

This actually happened during the Ontario Theatre gig on Jul 8, 1983, but considering we have to go on a wag writing for a British weekly paper, all bets are off.

Both of these songs are making their debut in England, although oddly enough they were played on the last part of their US tour.

Sources are MP3 from Anthology Part One misc directory (referred to as Anth-MP3), which is the same source as a tape in my archives, referred to as 'tape' here, which is actually AUD #3 for those keeping score, another copy from one of the audience masters (AUD #2), and a third supposed-ANA1 from a different master that Snotters posted to Easytree (AUD #1).  A friend of the band version (AUD #4) is mentioned as well.

Since this time, there are now at least a half dozen distinct audience masters, as well as the full video (with timestamps) finally surfacing on Power, Corruption, and Lies Definitive Edition as a DVD disc extra in 2020.

Blue Monday

Anth-MP3 version starts right when the beats kick in, there's no lead in. AUD #2 version has about 5 seconds of country & western type music, which is said to be "Latin, possibly Merengue", which you can hear more in full on Snotters' version.

Another version has 10 seconds and Hooky "thwacking" his bass.

Dropout between 0:45 and 0:50 on 'tape' (AUD #3) version. Volume goes up at 2:45-2:55 and back down at 2:45. Brief cut-out at about 3:00.

What's intriguing is that even in 1983, the vocals stray from the deadpan delivery in the recorded version.

Punter says something about what New Order are going to play, difficult to make out, though. This is at the 1:50 mark.

Age Of Consent

Tape (AUD #3) garbles at the 0:20 mark. Like somebody hit record briefly.

Lonesome Tonight

Appears on 'Play At Home'. Not surprisingly, the bit where Barney comments about all the cameras

BS: "Uh, can everyone move back a little bit please."

PH: "Take the TV cameras with you, they've got all the fucking room."

BS: "Move back, there's people being knee-capped in the front here." (credit to FHTH, p.136 for the correction)

lyric: "How many times before, did you comb your long black hair?" and "The lies we told our youth/A Hitler of our own, a home I call my own."

New Order play about 10 seconds of Sister Ray before switching gears into Your Silent Face.

Barney hits a bum note during the melodica solo at 5:20 or so.

BS: "Thanks very much."

Somebody cries out for Procession. Somebody else yells "Leave Me Alone".  A third person yells "Get a haircut!".

Leave Me Alone

BS: "I've got a message here that I've like to read out, and it's from Carolyn...or Carol, and she says that it's to Steve from Hyde, and she's sorry you couldn't make it to Legends on Saturday, and she says that we wouldn't read that message out for...(crumpling up the paper and moving to throw it in the crowd) that's for Carolyn."

Just beautiful, given the song in question they're about to play.


BS: "Listen, can you move back, as there's not even enough room for me onstage now."

I had 'not everyone can groove with me on stage'...which is kinda a bit silly. Thank to Dave Mings for the correction.

(not heard on AUD #2 source, there's an edit point there instead)

Ends with Confusion-style guitar noodling.

Denial follows.


BS: "Andy, would you tear that cabbage off the back of the stage, please?"

PH: "Pretend you didn't hear that." (responding to a loud hum that sounds like somebody unplugged their instrument)

Random punter can be heard on the Anth MP3 to sardonically reply "Ok".

New Order continue to soundcheck a bit before the next song starts.

Barney picks at the strings on the head end of the guitar upstream of the bridge. Hooky cries, "Ready?", and they're off.

"W...WRL" intro. This is a pretty wild version, apt for the Hac.

There's a blank-space gap of a few seconds between Confusion and the next one, a few seconds of audience noise, and another gap.

Temptation is performed without incident, and appears on 'Play At Home'. Well, not quite without incident. At one point Barney points skyward in a gesture indicating he can't hear himself playing loudly enough..

Thieves Like Us

Appears on the 'Play At Home' video...the video mostly consisting of scenery around the Manchester area.

BS: "Move back a little bit."

This version is about 12:30. Some difference in lyrics, but only one major digression.

Skip at 4:17-4:21, or more properly a brief internal cut, at least on the AUD #2 version.

Clapping and cries for "more". Must have taken a while because after a couple of minutes of cries, there's an edit. Eventually, New Order come back and encore with performances of In A Lonely Place and Everything's Gone Green.

The 'friend of the band' tape (AUD #4) has EGG incomplete, whereas with AUD #1 & #3 it's complete. Snotters' even includes a bit of the post-gig music as well.

And now the soundcheck...

(times are approximate)

Side A

00:00 Synth bleet, and then silence. You can hear the street traffic


02:00 Soundchecking mics starts in earnest.

02:20 Some drum checking, some people in the audience mutter as Barney repeats "one-two" more than a few times. This goes on for quite a few minutes. Ends in some crumpling sounds and an edit.

(subtract 9:20 if you have this portion as a separate track)

09:20 Synths for Your Silent Face.

10:10 A quiet passage.

10:40 Bass synth melody of Lonesome Tonight  (a part Hooky usually plays with his bass)

11:20 Synth for _Confusion_, and then more bass synth as above.

13:15 Voice chorus effect for Blue Monday .

14:00 Some talking, and ghostly synth for the above.

14:25 First loud motorcycle passes by. You'll hear quite a few of these.

14:40 Continuation of voice chorus.

15:25 More "one two"s as somebody messes with pitch of chorus.

16:00 Crumpling sounds, more traffic sounds.

17:20 Assorted drum soundchecking and random keyboard bursts.

19:40 More quiet audience chatter, drums stop, background traffic again.

21:05 Bass for Decades and Love Will Tear Us Apart and various other snippets.

25:35 Hooky checks his mic.

26:45 Now it's Barney's turn. He counts up to four!

27:10 Our first chance to hear some guitar, fairly intermittently.

29:50 Bass and guitar of Iggy Pop's The Passenger (!), well, occasionally.

32:20 Barney makes a comment as various sounds come in and out, including what sounds like a guitar part for Ceremony. Some more noodling.

34:50 bass/drums for Leave Me Alone. Goes on for about 30 seconds, stops, and starts again 40 seconds later. Afterwards, Barney plays his guitar part for about a minute or so.

37:10 guitar/bass/drums for the above.

38:20 More Decades-type bass, etc.

39:10 Silence, just background chatter. Lone synth about a minute later, and some more guitar, bass, and keyboard noodling after that.

42:20 Another take on Leave Me Alone, this time with vocals, which are much louder than the other instruments. End of song is cut off as we've run out of tape by the 46:10 mark.

Side B

(this portion was recorded at lower volume and has poorer acoustics than the first side)

00:00 We're greeted with loud crumpling, and Barney soundchecking. Somebody around the taper says, "What's he using?" in reference to equipment, presumably, not drugs. Various other random things. Somebody sounds like he says "Oh...fuck everyone!" at around the two-minute and forty-five second mark.

03:30 Synths from Decades.

04:20 Drum and bass sequencer for 5-8-6. Then some silence and mic checks.

08:40 5-8-6 again.  First few seconds are low volume over the PA. This take has vocals but sounds crappy over the sound system.

11:40 Some more silence.

12:10 Bit of bass from Lonesome Tonight, the same bit that was played by a bass synth earlier, as well as a different bit. Also, the synths.

13:20 Lonesome Tonight, but this time with vocals.

18:15 Another quiet bit, and then a vocal check and a bit of bass.

20:35 Keyboards for Thieves Like Us .

22:00 Instrumental take of Thieves Like Us.

27:20 Hooky starts talking, none of which I can make out. A bit of keyboars and bass synth as Barney replies to him.

30:00 Various bits of Confusion, including guitar and bass.

32:05 Confusion, with vocals.

37:15 More silence, and more Decades bass, some chatter between band members, and more "one two"s.

41:00 Age Of Consent, with vocals. Final part is cut as tape runs out at the 45:45 mark.


VID #1 - Full version surfaced on "Power, Corruption, and Lies - Definitive Edition".  Prior to that, 3 tracks on "A Factory Outing".

AUD #1 - 'Pete' - Sony WM-D6 / Aiwa CM-30s.  30s of Latin Merengue.

AUD #2 - UKBT - Sony WM-D6 / Audio Technica AT-9400 (though that may be too early for those mics).  2s of Latin Merengue, garbled tape 0:20 into AoC, edit between LMA and 586 that misses Barney's comment, another edit after Confusion, and 4:20 cut into TLU.

AUD #3 - 'Eddie Wolfram' - Sony WM-D6 / Aiwa CM-30.  My BV tape version of this has a 'cold start' at the start of Blue Monday, which matches none of the other recordings we have full copies of, and a A/B split point between 'Leave Me Alone' and '586'. Probably an RJ recording due to voice at the end of 586 having a resemblance. He's believed to also have taped the soundcheck. JK says his RJ-sourced tape also has a cold start to BM.

AUD v4 - CW - Sony TCS-300 w/built-in mics.  This version has EGG cut and 30s of PA intro that segues into BM, and A/B flip between 586 and Denial.

AUD v5 - SH - Sony WM-D6.  Surfaced in August 2019. No PA intro. Ran 14% fast (high-speed dub), so speed corrected. Cut between 5-8-6 and Denial. Another cut in between audience chatter between main set and encore. During IALP, somebody says 'nene' at the start, and at the end of EGG, someone says 'ok, out' at the end.

AUD #6 - benno - Marantz PMD-340 with Marantz Superscope EC-1.  Has about 10-15s of Latin 'Merengue' PA intro. A/B split between Temptation and Thieves like us with the latter faded in.

There are likely another 4-5 versions floating about but those are the only ones that have been uniquely identified.  Dec Hickey, JK (only has last two tracks, but may have been copied out, MKB, and 'Love Of Carnage' also taped this show.


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