NO: 08 JUL 1983 Ontario Theater - Washington D.C.



In A Lonely Place, Ultraviolence, The Village, Blue Monday, Lonesome Tonight, We All Stand, Procession, 586, Age Of Consent, Confusion

Interview in Sounds 23 July 83 which talks about Paradise Garage gig as well as Ontario Theatre gig in D.C., at


Photo accompanying the article looks to have been taken at the Paradise Garage DJ booth. Same outfits as in the 'Confusion' video.

Apparently the D.C. gig was very noteworthy in that Rob Gretton actually joined New Order on stage to play syndrums for the set opener, as Hooky had had too much to drink, but casually strolled off after his bit was done.

Hooky comes barreling in...I won't spoil the exchange between him and Barney, it's a classic. It's in the review.

WBL also sent in the following article summary.

New Order

Howard Wuelfing
July 9, 1983; Page C4
Section: Style; Performing Arts
Word Count: 252

There was more than one moment last night in New Order's show at the Ontario Theater when it was none too easy to tell where machinery stopped and musicianship started. Having arisen from the ashes of Joy Division, undoubtedly England's most influential post-punk act, New Order since have forged an uneasy but often exhilarating alliance with technology.At one point most of the band huddled together to one side of the stage while tapes, rhythm machines and synthesizer programs...


Source is a C90 that's being burned to CD.  Sound is clear but is a bit dodgy on the high end. Maybe a mic/room acoustics issue. A few tracks are left out of the original WR listing! (586, Age Of Consent[cut], and Confusion)

Some drums (sounds like Everything's Gone Green!) being played before the Order start into In A Lonely Place.  Some shouting out and audience chatter, girl says "Well, well...". Bernard's vocals sort of go weird at the "How I wish you were here with me now" bit. The song got a good amount of applause, nobody noticed Gretton as the new syn-drummer.


Also starts out with no bass. Hooky comes on after the three and a half minute mark and starts playing.

The taper or somebody close to him says "Hello, Hooky."

PH: "Good evening, [can't make out]"

BS: "The black sheep turns up..."

PH: "All right, shitheads. ...Nearly got away with it...nearly walk...

[can't make out phrase properly, as Hooky is speaking off-mic.]

Punter comments that "they need to get their act together up there". Other people yell, "Fuck you", and "He's on tape!".

BS: "God, guess who we're waiting for now?"

Somebody yells out, "Ian lives!"

Girl yells out "Fucking CRAP!" as they continue to soundcheck. Soon enough, they play The Village. Another one that features the lyric, "the sun, the trees, and the afterbirth".

Some talking during the long gap between songs, girl saying "I know", and guy saying something I couldn't be bothered to try to make out.

Blue Monday

Short TOTP version.

Lonesome Tonight

Fourth time this is performed.

Some variations in lyrics, naturally. Will document them at some point. Followed by We All Stand


A strange-sounding version, as guitars and vocals come in strangely. Also, the acoustics become muddier than they were before.


Hooky screams at the intro.

Age Of Consent

Major internal cut at about the 3:00 mark.

The set ends with a storming version of Confusion. People clap hoping for an encore, but one isn't forthcoming. Somebody comments at the very end, "I knew they wouldn't... I knew they wouldn't!"


AUD #1 - from Snotters, same version as Fractured/Image

AUD #2 - SH, unknown recorder, lavalier mics.  Missing IALP at start.

AUD v3 - unknown, only complete up to Procession, similar SQ to AUD #1.

AUD v4 - unknown.  Distinct in being recorded from a different location than AUD#2 version for crowd reaction between Ultraviolence and The Village when Hooky appears saying "Hello sh*theads!". Plus, this doesn't have "They need to get their act together." audience comment as in AUD#1 after Ultraviolence and doesn't have UK audience chatter before Lonesome Tonight as on AUD#3. This version misses micro-second start of Blue Monday, first bass note of Lonesome Tonight, quick cut just before We All Stand begins (these most likely as a result of taper tired of waiting and paused to conserve tape) and few seconds start of Age Of Consent (result of tape flip). 


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