NO: 07 JUL 1983 Paradise Garage - NYC


(thehappyone 40th anniversary version)


Your Silent Face, Hurt, Confusion, Leave Me Alone, Thieves Like Us, Everything's Gone Green, Ceremony, Blue Monday, Dreams Never End, Temptation

(The version featured in Fractured/Image's playlist is taken from an nth-gen copy played back in mono, which I didn't feel did this justice, so decided to issue an upgrade)

"Paradise Garage. Simply a huge garage, sagging under the weight of masses of disco lights. Decorated in black and grey corrugated metal, like a huge Hacienda minus any sense of style, and plus the best PA system in the world."

(Mick Middles, Sounds 23 July 83)

Interview in Sounds 23 July 83 which talks about Paradise Garage gig at


Richard David Behrens
Does anyone know where I can get a copy (MP3, cassette, CD?) of the
1983 Paradise Garage NYC gig? I was right there in the front row on a
first date with the girl I stayed with for a decade. She got mad that
they left the stage after fifty minutes and leaned over and knocked
over Bernard's monitor. I remember a dance band with Simon Topping
from ACR playing congas opened for them. Does anyone remember the
name of this band? Quando Quango? I must be getting old.

I just dug out a November '83 copy of Trouser Press which has a NO
interview and review of that show. It confirms Quando Quango's set
preceded NO. I can't help you out with any boots, but I can send you a
photocopy of the article if you're looking for a trip down memory lane.

An excerpt:
"[The Paradise crowd] isn't sure hot to take a remark like Hook's
introduction to 'Confusion': 'We want you all singing along on this, you
funhouse bastards.' ... A few tunes later Hook tries one last pep talk:
'Seldom have I ever met an audience as lethargic as we are." 'Probably
all Joy Division fans, Dicken mutters. 'You get what you deserve!' some
yells out."

Richard David Behrens
Thanks for the info. I do remember the "funhouse bastards" comment
and that is one of the reasons why my girlfriend attacked their
monitors. They looked so grim on stage, staring at the audience with
lowered eyes like we were beneath contempt. Someone who knew them at
the time commented, "They're like that! Off stage they can be real
funny and charming but when they get up on stage, POW! it's like the
drugs kicked in or something and they get real paranoid and
aggressive." I'm paraphrasing that.

Thanks for the offer. I know someone who has a big collection of TP
and I can ask him if he has Nov. 83.

Recording about 3rd generation, probably taken from the "Ceremony" bootleg. Otherwise, a clear recording, minus the tape hiss. It seems that the bootleg transposed DNE and Temptation from ninth and tenth (at the end) to fourth and fifth.

Setlist in nogig confirmed, except my copy leaves out the last track, Temptation. I've since obtained a complete cassette copy.

Your Silent Face and Hurt lead off the set.

(Cyberman, pt 1, from the Hawkeye bootleg)

During the intro of the later, somebody close to the taper says they can't figure out if they're using tape or not, the person next to him replies, "It doesn't matter".

BS: "Thank you very much, punters."

Then followed by a very curious "Ribit", mimicking the sound a frog makes.


PH: "Why you all singing along for this one, all you Funhouse bastards?"

Somebody cries, "We love you, anyway."

(background, one of the roadies..."Ready?"...another roadie..."No")

BS: "Sorry to keep you waiting, we're just waiting for the sequencer to load up. We're not sorry really, I don't give a shit really. I don't, anyway."

(after it finishes)

BS: "Thanks very much, punters." Then he says "ribbit", like a frog!

Leave Me Alone has fairly unsteady guitars but is just lovely anyway.

Bernard mutters something and then you can hear a guitar lead get unplugged.

(Cyberman, pt 2, from the Hawkeye bootleg)

Thieves Like Us has 'scratch' lyrics, some of which are unintelligible.

The following represents all that I could make out:

Thieves Like Us 07 July 83 Paradise Garage NYC

I've been a thousand people
In the pouring rain
I've had my bible(?)
In the pouring rain
I've felt the coldness
Lovers...In the pouring rain

Oh, it's called love
Oh, it's called love
Oh, it's called love
And it belongs to us

I heard a hundred voices
Beat me to the ground
I heard the ....(?)
Of the New York Sound

Oh, it's called love
And it belongs to us
And it's called love
And it's taken from us

Oh it dies so quickly
It has so soon
My eye is like a bursted moon
My kent(?) falls down to the house so far I can't burst out from a broken cow

Oh, it's called love
It's caaaaaalled love
It beloooooongs to us...ooh!

This is followed by Everything's Gone Green.

And the following classic, introducing Ceremony, wrongly credited to Hooky in the Sounds article:

BS: "Seldom...seldom have I ever met an audience more lethargic than we are...very quiet here in New York, aye. Aren't we all Joy Division fans? [Steve provides the drum fill for Atrocity Exhibition]

PH: "Sussed you out, eh?"

All helped kindly by the audience member who yells out "Don't forget we're in a disco!!" You can hear this if you listen carefully.

Bernard plays something Velvet Underground-y for a second or two until the band start into Ceremony.

Blue Monday features this lovely couplet:

"How does it it feel, to be treated in front of a cunt like you..." (getting back at some front row heckler, it sounds like)

Or it could have been...

"How, Does it feel, To be - Stuck in front of a bunch of pricks like you?" - Bernard's 1983 autocue work" ('Hannett Of The Apes', NOOL)

"...thought I heard you (falsetto) SPEAK..."

(Horizon Yonder, also from the bootleg)

Nice ending. Gets a rousing response. The band don't even stop and with a momentary burst of feedback, burst into Dreams Never End.

Temptation starts with a weird horn-synth intro bit, and rounds out the set.  Excellent guitar work on this version.


AUD #1 - The version used for the bootleg recordings, in the YouTubes.  pre-boot low-gens exist and I have shared the best of the lot

AUD v2 - (from JH via RH).  Missing start of "Ceremony".

AUD v3 - From CKLN broadcast (two tracks) and as filler on AUD #2 tape.


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