NO: 05 JUL 1983 The Spectrum - Montreal



In A Lonely Place, Chosen Time, Your Silent Face, Temptation, Dreams Never End, Blue Monday (TOTP edit)

(7-song encore!) 

Blue Monday (full), Cries & Whispers, The Village, Thieves Like Us, 586, Age Of Consent, Everything's Gone Green

Jan Bollansee's description of the recording, which is the same as featured above.

"Kindly provided by TJ, this recording catches the band in high spirits as they play to an appreciative Canadian crowd. The gig falls in two parts. The first, proper set features six songs, climaxing with a truncated Blue Monday. Then, by way of a very long encore, the band perform another seven tracks, starting this time with a full Blue Monday (since the taper's friend can be heard asking, "didn't they already play this one?", it's definitely the start of the encore, and not of a separate second set). Cries & Whispers features one of Hooky's brothers on vocals (because it was his birthday) and Thieves Like Us is another early, and very long, rendition.

This recording is not without flaws. It's fairly hissy in some parts, and very hissy in other ones (lineage unknown). There are also cuts before and after the second version of Blue Monday, and the ending of Everything's Gone Green is cut. Finally, the two cassette sides played at different volumes and speeds. I raised Side 1 by 1.5 dB and slowed it down by 8.705 %; Side 2 was raised by 3 dB and slowed down by 4.93 %. However, don't let all this deter you: it's a very enjoyable recording of a great gig!"

In A Lonely Place

First few seconds has tape wear, there's unintelligible audience chatter, but lots of cheering.

Chosen Time follows.

Tiny bit of tuning, followed by Your Silent Face.

Temptation is next.

Dreams Never End

BS: (like he's soundchecking) "two" [then mutters a few words]

person: "someone(?) ...pretty bad on that side."

Blue Monday

The TOTP edit version.

BS: "I'm gonna(?)...[can't make out rest of phrase]...will you decide what you...[sounds like "wedgie wedgie"

Another punter calls for Ceremony.

punter #1: "The favorite."

punter #2: "What?"

punter #1: "The favorite."

End of the first part of the gig, edit at this point.

PA music at this point, and then another edit, followed by the full version of _Blue___Monday_.

punter: "Didn't they already play this?"

This person (possibly the taper) mutters something else about 1:08 or so in, "His [sounds like: chin-air] broke."

Tape edit at this point.

Cries And Whispers

BS: "[word] Eddie... I'd like to introduce Peter's brother, he's called Andrew...he's gonna [do]? the next song."

This isn't Hooky's brother but really just a roadie, according to James Nice's Shadowplayers, it was Andrew Liddle, who later handled their lighting rig.

His vocals aren't exactly the stuff of legends, but they're servicible. Hooky's bass sounds like it's playing in the wrong key, unlikely this was the case to to adjust for Andrew's vocal range.

Andrew: "Thank you, I'd just like to say that I did it for the money."

PH: "His solo record will be going out on Factory next week."

The Village follows.

BS: "Thanks very much, that's the thousand-line version you're gonna get... it's all downhill from now on."

PH: "...ask if you can get good help anymore."

Thieves Like Us

Another nearly-eleven long minute epic, with a very unusual synth-wash intro.

The verses are completely improvised, with the lyrics about the aformentioned Andrew, though the chorus is somewhat similar to the standard version.

Bernard sings "My name is Andrew"...etc.


Synth sounds at the beginning are pretty atypical, and interesting to listen to.

BS: "Thanks very much." 

Age Of Consent

Hooky starts his intro over.

Everything's Gone Green

More cries for "Ceremony", which is about the only one that doesn't get played tonight.

The ending is cut, I presume the tape runs out.


VID #1 - Footage from this show appears in the "Confusion" video.

AUD #1 - unknown


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