NO: 02 JUL 1983 St. Andrews Hall - Detroit MI

(thehappyone, AUD #3)

Fractured/Image playlist (songs 2-6 only)


Everything's Gone Green, Blue Monday, Ultraviolence, The Him, We All Stand, Dreams Never End, Hurt, Lonesome Tonight, 586, Blue Monday (encore) Confusion

Sourced from a tape with cassette label indicating it was made in W. Germany, Collectors Cass 1049. Tape is a chrome Maxell UDS-II. Sound quality is okay, but isn't as sharp as one would hope, and is somewhat hissy.  

This is the sequence on my tape, and probably differs from what was actually performed. I suspect this tape leaves out the first song (EGG), as well as the first encore tracks (Lonesome Tonight and 586).

There'a another version of this, of course, that is complete. The "Collectors Cass 1049" version actually sounds superior to the full copy, at least the one I have, which has been heavily NR'ed and may be MP3-sourced. And a third, bettering the first two, featuring the final three tracks...these have long been misidentified as being from Trenton, NJ.  A couple more versions would surface, full details will appear below.

Everything's Gone Green is the first track of the set.  Not pressent on CC1049.

PH responds to somebody by saying, "Time for you to breathe...".

Blue Monday (TOTP edit)

During first drum break, a male voice comments "it's fucking great". (CC1049 version)

Somebody cries for "Age Of Consent" a few times. (CC1049 version)


Booming double kick drum fills until the intro sequencer pattern starts up.

The Him

Song ends at the point where New Order would stop and restart. Don't know if this is something they started doing during their '83 gigs or if it is a one-off.

Odd because the non-CC1049 version does resume.

We All Stand follows.

Some chatter during the intro, with somebody saying, "You can't stand up here, you're in everybody's way, you can't stand up here". (CC1049 version)

Dreams Never End

After the song finishes. Bernard addresses the audience.

BS: "This has got to be 40..."


BS: "Hello, it's the first time we've played ... good on this tour, been on this tour." [not 100% sure on wording]

On the non-CC1049 version somebody calls for Transmission.

The CC1049 version has this track last.

And then Lonesome Tonight, with a fairly languid intro and with Barney singing this completely out of tune and him cooing right before the synths kick in. Female voice can be heard at 4:45 saying something that I can't make it out.

This is criminally missing from the CC1049 version.


PH: "That ...sequencer... there, drop it 5."

Interesting statacco effect with the guitar.

Quite a distinctive ending. There's is quite a long pause between tracks, it sounds like New Order is trying to play Procession but never get it off the ground, as we just here the synth drone and nothing more.

You can also hear punters yelling out for old JD standbys like "Transmssion", "Ceremony", and "Incubation"(!) and another person advising the group to "get a bigger hammer" to fix the synths.

Bernard than says, "Thank you, [something], sorry."

BS: (in a weird nasally voice, attempting to imitate the Jersey accent) "Okay, suckers."

Blue Monday

After "when your heart grows cold", Bernard says something (to the sound guy, presumably).

Bernard utters something that sounds like "Wait 'em" at 3:43.

PH: (probably sarcastially) "C'mon you guys, a bit shy."


Best version of this ever.

PH: "Thought that was a banana, Stu(?)."

"Con-fucking-fusion", to quote Mr. Sumner.

Great interplay of guitar here.

Last lyric: "Everything goes on..."

Ends with a Hooky bass vamp.

Squeal tape edit.

On the non-CC1049 version, there's about three minutes of chanting and at least two edits (one cut, one squeal) while the audience cries out for the group to come back out.

PH: "Might...[something] the bit...cha..."

Lots of chanting and clapping.

BS: "Fucking confusion!" (at a few points)

(AUD #5 - thehappyone)


AUD #1 - unknown taper/gear, the old YT versions are from this

AUD v2 - DaPL, unknown equipment. The flip point doesn't preserve the end of Lonesome Tonight and the start of 5-8-6, but it's otherwise complete. Recorded a bit further back than the others.

AUD #3 - friend of ellagura, maybe "Mongo Lloyd".  Sony D6 / ECM series mic.  Last three tracks only, shared for the purposes of this post.

AUD #4 - Jon Hardman, microcassette w/built-in mics.  EGG missing start.  Speed increase at the end of DNE and cut in the middle of Hurt.

AUD #5 - unknown, most complete version known, from journalist Dave Simpson



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