NO: 29 JUN 1983 First Avenue - Minneapolis MN


 (Vaughn Walton)

Fractured / Image playlist (audio only)


Your Silent Face, Procession, Ultraviolence, Thieves Like Us, Truth, In A Lonely Place, ICB, Confusion, Everything's Gone Green, Temptation


Rolling Stone 15 SEP 83 Interview by Debby Miller

Briefly mentions Minneapolis gig, also includes a description of their *reading habits*. Wow, a Rolling Stone article that's actually pseudo-informative.

Original Waterrat leaves out "Everything's Gone Green" as the penultimate track.

There is a video of this performance, which is a pro shot (multiple cameras), see above.

Your Silent Face

There's some high-pitched distortion that appears in the first couple of minutes, I don't know where that's from.

About 2:15 in Bernard yells to one of the sound crew about turning the foldback down, with a choice "you cunt!" thrown in. About 5:00 in, Bernard yells "Turn the vocals up!".

There's some percussive string thumping in between this and the next track.


Bernard sings the "time won't heal" line in a falsetto.


BS: "I bet you haven't heard a bass played like that, have you?"

Single chord and feedback squall, as well as Barney's droll comment, introduce this next one.

Thieves Like Us

Steve noodles with the bass synth a bit before the band start up. The lyrics, naturally, are still in flux at this point.

Near the end, a voice can be heard saying, "OK...I don't have the equipment on, let's go!" This version is 11 minutes long.

BS: "Thanks very much. If you didn't like that, you must be Americans!"


Bernard appears to be beating something (probably one of their balky Sequential Circuits Prophet 5's) into the ground!

The intro drum pattern is different here. Gillian has to be about the most unlikely person ever to strap on a guitar.

Audience recording cuts out a couple of times, after the taper and friend comment about the performance being real nice.

In A Lonely Place features the incomparable Mr. Morris for an extended shot, which in my mind is the best visual on the tape.

Another cut between these songs on the audience tape.

ICB has lots of closeups of Gillian on guitar.


BS: "This is 'Don't Piss Yourself With Enthusiasm'"

The band swap instruments around, and Barney plucks his bass going into the intro. This video does provide evidence that Gillian can play with more than one finger on each hand, albeit barely.

lyric: "Con-fucking-fusion!"

There's an audience recording of Everything's Gone Green, which was apparently not videotaped.

Inexplicably, during the performance of Temptation, a (high-pitched male) voice says:

"I want to thank you. Good night! You too were great."

A few minutes later, after a bit that sounds suspiciously like jazz, Barney unstraps his guitar and the band leave the stage.

VID #1 - Closed Circuit TV, better quality versions than the one on YT circulate. Video is decent quality, pro-shot. MoRE: I'm not quite sure. My old VHS copy is very poor, I should dig out anyway and see if it's still working. Strangely, the video is more complete than my audio tape. The audio cassette has the full intro to YSF, but it cuts 2-3 minutes into Confusion, leaves out EGG completely, and the intro to Temptation is missing too. I wonder if this could be some kind of A/B tape flip cut, but that doesn't explain why all of EGG is missing. Shouldn't take that long to turn over the tape. There's no female voice in Temptation on my audio tape saying "I want to thank you. Good night! You too were great." 

AUD #1 - unknown. perspexorange: "AUD#1 - Very start of KW1 missing; distinct talking between Procession & UV ("no, no no - not a chance”); Confusion complete; no outro"

AUD #2 - unknown. A/B flip between ICB and Confusion. Includes a bit of "Our Lips Are Sealed" at the very end. perspexorange: "AUD#2 - Very start of KW1 missing; no distinct talking between Procession & UV; Confusion complete; ‘OLAS’ outro". Very similar to video version (apart from the outro) so this source may have been synced with it?

AUD #3 - unknown. perspexorange: "I have an mp3 version that has distinct chatter between KW1 & Procession (around Sumner's comment about the bass). However, this is different chatter to the one found on the AUD#1 variant, which features a woman saying "no, no no - not a chance”; AUD#3 doesn't, but there's still some chatter)." This mp3 variant also contains a full intro (inc. crowd noise, followed by the full intro of KW1), Confusion is cut, EGG is missing and the very start of Temptation is missing (see also VID description below, which mentions this variant).


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