NO: 27 JUN 1983 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver


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Age Of Consent, Dreams Never End, Cries And Whispers, Senses, Lonesome Tonight, Confusion, ICB, Denial, Blue Monday, 586, Ceremony

The one known recording isn't a very clear one, to me it sounds like it was recorded from inside a bag or jacket pocket.

Somebody says "Oh, great" (sarcastically) at the start.

Age Of Consent opens the proceedings, followed by Dreams Never End.

Cries And Whispers

BS: "Turn up the vocals, Ed, please."

Followed right on its heels by Senses.

Lonesome Tonight has somewhat different lyrics. More accurately the live version played here has the same phrases as listed here but in different sequence.  This is about the third time NO has played this song live.

New Order take a few seconds to tune their gear before rendering Confusion.

During the song, mid-verse, Bernard asks the soundcrew to "turn the fucking vocals up". One of the choruses is Bernard singing "Confusion, confusion, confusion, confuu-uushu-uun".

ICB has a somewhat different bassline than the recorded version, at least in the beginning. My version has a cut about a second into the song. Since this is about 30 minutes in, that suggests a C60 in the upstream lineage chain.

This is followed by Denial.

Weird how New Order plays more songs from Movement (4) here than from PCL (2)...especially since PCL had been released the month before. There's another edit between Denial and Blue Monday

Guy near the taper can be heard saying, "Ah, you probably like that better".

Blue Monday breaks down right when BS starts to sing "How does it...". Sumner then comments about a piece of gear breaking that I can't quite make out. The song restarts, and finishes up with the same outro used on the TOTP version.

After the song Bernard comments:

(mark this for Barney Says)

BS: "So you only get [robbed...]?...we don't normally play that version, that's the special Canadian version, short because you all are fucking dicks tonight."

Hooky says something about instruments which I can't quote make out.

Brief (under 30 second) interlude of improvised passages, then 5-8-6, which has a different ending than I've typically heard.


Some strange audience banter.

Woman: For me. [referring to the clapping] Guy: ah?
Woman: It's for me.
Guy: That's what I tried to tell you, you think everything is related directly to you.

Then Bernard cuts in dedicating Ceremony to the road and stage crew, in his own inimitable manner.

(mark this for Barney says)

BS: "[...a lot of...] This is a very old song, it's called, erm, 'The Day The Road Crew Got A Jump'. Just about ..."

PH: "Dedicated to that guy over there, in the grey t-shirt...his name's Arthur..he's very lonely...starving...[2 words can't make out]

BS: "I like that guy over there, he's one bloke who needs a jump!"

PH: (at the same time as Barney) "Take a bow, take a bow, Jim."


AUD #1 unknown taper/equipment, ANA2, courtesy of bcingyou.


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