NO: 24 JUN 1983 Echo Beach - San Francisco CA


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Age Of Consent, Dreams Never End, 586, Lonesome Tonight, Hurt, Chosen Time, Everything's Gone Green, Confusion, Procession, Temptation

Tape quality is fairly good, listed as third second generation.  (bcingyou provided an upgrade)

Fairly loud and rowdy audience, at least for an '83 US performance.

The group start out with a cracking version of Age Of Consent.

Hooky (or Barney?) mumbles something about a guitar before the band launch into Dreams Never End. They repeat the first phase a couple of measures longer than normal before going into the main part. Hooky comments for the vocals to be turned up midway during the first verse.

5-8-6 follows, and then the Stateside debut of Lonesome Tonight.  The lyrics are fairly well-developed, unlike some other classics they've debuted, though only the first verse was complete, the second one is ad-libbed (lines like "dick in your shithole" kinda give it away). Nice outro bass solo.

BS: "Thanks very much."

Hurt follows. Female nattering mars the intro somewhat.

Then Chosen Time.

A bit of soundchecking follows, a slight bit of Hendrix' "Are You Experienced".

Everything's Gone Green

Brief internal cut about thirty seconds in.

Fairly long break while the band swap instruments for Confusion.

Hooky mumbles something at the start.

Another pregnant pause before the Order perform their next number, Procession.


I believe Hooky says, "Anybody want to guess what the next one is?" but it's hard to tell, as it's drowned out in reverb.

BS: (between verses) "Turn the synth down a bit, down a bit..." Then he throws a curse at the soundman.


AUD #1 - unknown, ANA2

AUD v2 - based on affidavit, have not heard this yet


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