NO: 19 JUN 1983 Nightlife - Austin Texas


Fractured/Image playlist


Includes Temptation, Age Of Consent, Cries & Whispers and parts of: Denial, In A Lonely Place, Thieves Like Us, Procession, Wilderness, Decades, Blue Monday, and Confusion


Ultraviolence, Dreams Never End, Temptation, Procession, Leave Me Alone, Truth, 586, Denial, Age Of Consent, Confusion, Blue Monday

Obtained on CD from GaoBest.

New Order Online (NOOL) has a review done by 'nwMarco', here:

This mentions that 'Almost Anyone' (which were a couple of friends of his) opened for them. A recording of that does exist.

Taped by RH, who made digital copies, one of which ended up in GaoBest's clutches. To quote:

"...who used D5. He sold parts of his collection in the early '90s then made copies from his master tapes to CDR for one of my contacts..."

Gig SQ is as-usual excellent, as these are first-gen or close to it. Soundcheck SQ is maybe 2nd generation, hard to tell as recording volume was low, an interesting listen.


Bass-synth intro with some scratchy/jangly guitar.

BS: "Thank you very much. This one's for eh, [a name, surname sounds like 'Bock and Markie']...before they get here."

Some guitars, one-second-in false bass start, and then Dreams Never End commences.

The intro for the next song sounds like an interesting cross between Everything's Gone Green and Temptation, but only because it turns out some stuff got triggered in error. False start.

BS: "We all make mistakes...[you know?]..."

Then New Order start over with a nice rendition of _Temptation_.


Barney strains his vocal range for "the life keeps getting stranger every day part".

Leave Me Alone

BS: "Gary, Gary, could you [turn up(?)] my vocals a bit clearer on stage, please. A bit more, eh, 8k, no, 1k."

Lots of cheers and whistles after this one.


This version sounds massive.


End is nice echo-effects. The group exhibits getting creative with their instrumentation here.

Denial follows.

Age Of Consent

BS: "Cassette deck...this next song..."

Some instrumental noodling before _Confusion_, which features more sampled vocals being manipulated.

Hook Line:

PH: "Any requests?"

Folk cry out, of course.

PH: "We don't do requests, so...fuck."

Yet the punters are still calling out, you can hear a girl cry out for "Mony Mony", and of course, the omnipresent "Transmission".

Blue Monday

People clap to the intro.

Barney Says:

"How does it feel when your cock grows stiff"

Lots of other synth effects in this one.


Rough description of the proceedings. Taper and some buddies provide some running commentary. They sound all like Americans, with one sounding like he's from the area the gig was played.

Here are the bits and pieces I've been able to pick up.

Denial (drums)

Age Of Consent (bass)

Blue Monday (synths)

In A Lonely Place (synths)

Thieves Like Us (synths)

Tapers talk about New Order's tour itinerary. "They toured in Greece with the Fall and the Birthday Party" (presumably in 1982)


Bass noodling that is commented on sounding like "Wilderness", and some other stuff.

More Thieves Like Us (synths)

More Blue Monday (drums/synths)

Sister Ray (guitar+bass/drums for a few seconds) Ceremony (guitar) 




Video game noises and scattered discussion..."it's about 7:20"... Bernard does 1-2's...speeding ticket (68mph)...trying to buy beer and needing IDs...

Age Of Consent  (false start) comment: "New Order on 45, let's play 10 songs in 30 minutes!"

Procession (synth bit) / Confusion (sequencer bit) 

Age Of Consent (they pause for a bit and then restart, so it's run through twice)

Hooky says something about the vocals out the side...have magically re-appeared, and then Bernard mentions 'Cries and Whispers'.... Some vocal mic checks by Bernard and Hooky.

Cries And Whispers

Bit of 'Maniac' by Hall and Oates over the PA 

Confusion (drums)


AUD #1 RH Sony TCD5 / Sony ECM-990F, recorded both gig and soundcheck

AUD v2 LB Sony WM-D6 / Sony ECM939, also recorded both gig and s/c


AUD v4 DanP

AUD #5 unknown

No less than five known audience versions have surfaced.  Not much is known about the third and fourth versions.


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