NO: 17 JUN 1983 Club 688 - Atlanta Georgia



Confusion, Ceremony, Chosen Time, The Village, In A Lonely Place, Your Silent Face, Cries And Whispers, 586, Everything's Gone Green, Blue Monday


Spacey drumming and guitar feedback for about 45 seconds (waiting for the sequencers to load?), with Hooky yelling "Liar!" or something like that, and then "Oi! Let's go!"

Bernard's bass solo here is exceptionally good. Shortly before 6:00 in the bass gets louder in the mix (probably taper manual level adjustment)

PH: "Ah, what do you want to hear? Fuck you."

Ceremony and Chosen Time follow.

The bass synth can barely be heard initially, I assume whoever was mixing this had their hands full, as the vocals also come in late.

The Village follows, and then In A Lonely Place, featuring an extended bass outro.

PH: "If you like reggae, you'll like this."  Last word is obscured by a loud guitar chord.  Rather than something like We All Stand, we hear Your Silent Face instead.

Then follows about three seconds of a way-too-fast 5-8-6, and then another two second airing of the bass synth.

PH: "two...three".

Cries And Whispers

The Order squelch the final gurgling of their wayward synth and play this instead.

BS: "Thank you very much."

Punter repeatedly cries out for Everything's Gone Green, and is informed by Bernard that "that's the one after this one".

5-8-6 is then aired, at the right speed this time.

Everything's Gone Green

And indeed, Bernard keeps his promise and the band play this number.

The speed gremlins attack instead at 2:55. The song ends with a repeating Hooky solitary note.

Blue Monday closes out the set.


AUD #1 - SS, no idea with what mics/kit.


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