NO: 21 JUN 1983 Florentine Gardens - Los Angeles, California


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Your Silent Face, Chosen Time, Age Of Consent, Temptation, We All Stand, Senses, Hurt, Everything's Gone Green, Ceremony, Confusion

First-gen tape copy.

Your Silent Face

The very start is missing.

Levels start high and drop after a couple of seconds.

Sounds like tape speed issues, as it runs a semitone fast up until the 1:16 point. Likely the tape speed slider on the recording device got bumped by mistake, and was only noticed after a minute or so. Levels drop at 1:22, and go back up at 1:43.

Chosen Time follows.

Age Of Consent

Folks start screaming when Bernard sings "I've lost you".

BS: "Can we have for... acoustic snare drum playing through the foldback just a bit?"

Punter yells, "Can you hear that?"


BS: "A bit of electronic snare drum as well."

A fan cries a few times between 1:45 - 2:30, sounds like they're saying "eat shit".

BS: "Thanks very much. [can't make out first part of this] ...half the shit on my mic."

We All Stand

Internal cut at about 2:00.


Includes extra verse common to the 1983 renditions of this song.


Melodica melody is a bit different than usual.

punter: "Hey idiot, turn up the vocals!"

Oh my God, actual valley girls.

Everything's Gone Green

Lots of chattering going on during the middle of this.

Edit between EGG and Ceremony , which is missing the first few seconds.


More valley girl chatter at start.


AUD #1  JC  Sony TC-D5 / ECM-990F

AUD #2  (from ijwthstd blog).  KW1 and Ceremony complete, SQ not quite as great as AUD #1 version, but still very listenable.


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