NO: 26 APR 1983 Saint Francis Xavier Hall - Dublin, Ireland



Your Silent Face, Age Of Consent, Dreams Never End, 586, ICB, Procession, Ceremony, Temptation, Confusion, Blue Monday 

This writeup is sourced from the wolfram archives, about average quality for the time, but the version shared on YouTube is an upgrade to that version.

Your Silent Face starts off the recording, followed by Age Of Consent, and Dreams Never End, followed by 586.

Very little in the way of band talking between tracks here, at least until you can hear a male punter asking a female cohort where she was going and doubting she could get a better view.

At the end, there's more chatter as the instruments clatter to a close.

Lots of shouting betwen tracks with folks shouting out for "Everything's Gone Green"


PH: "Must of the acts of the town that [can't make out] we're in".

(at end)

BS: "Thank you. [can't make out what he says right after]

Tape split between ICB and Ceremony on older copies, omitting Procession which was also performed, though it cuts out about 10 seconds before it ends.

Some of the fan shouts make it hard to make out what the band is telling them.

BS: "Just so these guys have[?] Two years ago here, no chance.

PH: " all...[?] you're a fucking nice audience, and we play everywhere.

A bit more taper chatter about 30s in.

Temptation follows.

BS: "All right, the title of the next song is called..."

I guess he was slowly teasing it, as the audience start to stop and chant for more.

There's another tape cut....

Somebody yells off mic.

BS: "Okay, this one is called 'go home'". Fans boo.

But then the band relents and starts to play Confusion, which is delightfully choppy.

Then follows a unique syndrum squence, which is not unlike the interlude between We All Stand and 5-8-6....not sure if they were having technical problems or were just being difficult.

BS: "So that's what happens when you get that's what happens whenever you get excited ... offstage."

At about the two minute mark, Bernard starts talking, "a bit of ... far away from the football, a success I must say..." is all I can make out here.

This continues for a minute more and then transforms to 

This track cuts off about the last minute or so on older copies, with about 20 more seconds at end till after sequencer ends on the upgrade...



AUD v1 - unknown taper/gear, unknown generation.  Older copies missing Procession and have less of Blue Monday. 


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