NO: 24 APR 1983 Rosehill Hotel - Kilkenny, Ireland



Entire performance from Power Corruption and Lies Definitive edition, shared by "jaw knee"


We All Stand, Leave Me Alone, Denial, The Village, Temptation, Confusion, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday, Everything's Gone Green, Ceremony


We All Stand, Confusion, The Him

Original post on the Ceremony mailing list, not sure by whom if it wasn't by me...

Here's the setlist.

we all stand
leave me alone
denial (little dead)
the village
confusion (cut) (+)
in a lonely place (little boy) (*)
age of consent
blue monday (short version!) (aka TOTP edit)
everything's gone green

(+) audience tape has this in full, so does the FM rebroadcast It was subsequently determined by "Johnny James" this was interpolated from a different show.

(*) not part of FM broadcast...appears on a audience recording that is inserted in the FM copy I have.

53 minutes
note: FM radio broadcast; does anyone know which radio station broadcast this concert, or the broadcast date? Does an audience recording source exist? Was anything else performed???

I have this on tape...the gig date had been listed as 18 APR 83, though some sources list the date as 24 APR 83, which seems to be the consensus these dates, and better fits with the other Irish dates at around that time.

Johnathan Scott adds:

From: "Jonathan Scott"
Subject: (Fac33) Rosehill Hotel gig
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 22 Nov 2001 10:22:03.0998 (UTC)

The Rosehill "This is my Ceremony guitar" Hotel gig was broadcast on Radio One here in the UK by (I think) Richard Skinner and at the time, was one of the best New Order live shows available. Radio One were very lucky to get the band in such a good mood. Considering the bands history, I was surprised at the time that the BBC would risk the cost of a mobile unit on a potential waste of time like New Order! Just imagine if they had recorded the Edinburgh Playhouse

Anyone who has NOT heard this show should make a real effort to as it is (IMHO lol!) fantastic.

Jonathan, Glasgow.

Dave Mings replies:

Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 17:17:24
From: "John Saunders" 'Dave Mings'
Subject: RE: (Fac33) Rosehill Hotel gig

Radio one broadcast this twice. I'm sure one of the times was a joint John Peel / David Jensen show. My copy has the boom of the news jingle cutting in during Blue Monday, I don't know if that was the first or second broadcast.

Parts of this gig, including 'that' version of Ceremony is available on Audiogalaxy.


Snotters says:

"...that BONG 19 seconds into Blue Monday is on all the versions I've heard - including the Radio London FM broadcast I have and the Radio 1 medium wave broadcast in 83."

Making it likely this is present on the medium the BBC use for playback...


I could be wrong about my copy being an audience recording...the stereo seperation is amazingly good and the sound very well defined, especially the drumming.

We All Stand

A fairly delicious version of this tune.

Leave Me Alone

A bit of buzzing at the very start. There's a volume drop about 2:50 in, the rest of the recording stays at the lowered level. I wonder if this is a problem with my copy or with the master? (audience tape, not FM)


(at the end)

BS: "Thanks very much. Very kind of you."

NO immediately get into The Village. Opening riff is a bit off...

Odd couplet spotting:

"Our love is like the earth, the sun, the trees, and the afterbirth"...


"From the heaven to the city
My heart will be with me
And when it finally stops
The synthesizer will be in tune"

BS: "Thanks very much. Did I say how grateful we are? If you want to hear Temptation, we'll play it for you."

What was cut from the BBC broadcast but has been restored in the video included with the PC&L boxset is the following.

BS: "So we do care about our audiences....especially girls with big tits."

PH: "Sexist humor."


Weird intro bass riff...sounds like a pooch being strangled...really!

BS: "Oh, thanks very much. See, basically, we're very misunderstood. We love people, really."

PC&L boxset video adds:

BS: "Especially Irish people. In fact, this is my favorite town in Ireland...oh, thanks very much, it's nice of you..."

And then Hooky pulls out a piece of paper...

PH: "Now I've been told here on this little piece of paper...who's Matthew Carney?"

Matthew Carney, calling out from the audience: "I am, I am"....

PH: "Ah, you're a cunt."

PH: "Matthew Carney, there's a telephone call for you at reception. You've missed out on a bottle of wine, but never mind."


Barney tests out the bass (assuming this is their usual live arrangement while Hooky makes a comment)

PH: "This is our nightly request box, so keep shouting!"

This song was supposedly not complete in the FM broadcast, but it appears to be complete here. Update: Confusion is complete in the latest BBC rebroadcast.

In A Lonely Place

Seems the tempo is faster here than I've ever heard them play this song. It's almost catchy. That's because it's playing too fast!

This song was left out of the FM broadcast. In fact, it's not from this gig at all, according to "Johnny James", but was taken from a different recording, and indeed does not appear on the video included on the PC&L boxset.

The band then play Age Of Consent. With a guitar break suspiciously like Sister Ray. The FM version has this crossfaded from the end of Confusion.

Blue Monday

Side two of my tape opens with the ending bass riffs of Age Of Consent, and somebody repeatingly calling out for Ceremony. But the Order first play Blue Monday, the 1983 Top Of The Pops edit version(!)

There's a flub in the lyrics where Barney and Hooky are singing different things. Also the way Sumner pronounces "go down to the beeeassh" is pretty funny. And of course, the BBC1 "bong" jingle mentioned earlier at 0:19 in.

Everything's Gone Green

Brief break in soundboard source used on PC&L boxset DVD at start.

BS: "Do you really want us to play Everything's Gone Green? Alright, we'll play it!"

There's a skip a little before a minute in...right when somebody says "hey" so it might have been in the source rather than just a skip in my copy.

On the PC&L boxset video, Bernard says "bye everyone", confirming that the band would indeed come back out for an encore.

Audio cuts out so very hard to make out here.

BS: "We've never...this's very nice..."

BS: "Actually, we did an encore last night.


BS: "This is my, uh, Ceremony guitar. I only ever play Ceremony with this. 1959 Les Paul, but it just suits Ceremony, you know what it's like, don't you?" Bernard plays a bit of the lead riff before the band kick in with a wonderful version of this.

Brian Clough, posting on the WIM forum, states:

"He was talking shite at Kilkenny, he's never had a 1959 Les Paul !! The guitar he was referring to at that gig was his 1961 ES335, which as you will all know was a completely different shape and type to a 1959 Les Paul ! The only connection was that both were made by Gibson."

He sings of avenues paved with gold...

Skip at 3:07 on my copy of this, probably on the source of the particular FM recording I have.

Bernard says "thank you very much...thanks very much" during the "Forever...letting me know lines".

And then...we have the following gem...

BS: "Thank you. Thanks very much. So pleased to see you all here. I'm so pleased you like Ceremony. [Bernard raises voice] I'm so pleased you like Temptation. (Hooky shouts affermation) I'm so pleased you like Blue Monday. (Hooky: "Yeah!") Straight from Top Of The Pops, we have New Order! On my left, I have Peter Hook. On my right, I have Gillian Gilbert. Behind me, I have Ian Curtis."

Hooky says something hard to make out, something about people.

They conclude.

BS: "Thank you...that really is the end. Bye, everyone!"

Some people say they were really happy, but I think they're actually just practicing their own inimitable form of satire for the benefit of the broadcast.


FM #1 - Radio 1 Mobile, not sure if this exists in pre-FM form

VID #1 - Surfaced via Power Corruption and Lies (Definitive Edition) using the mixing board audio

AUD v1 - Dec Hickey's recording, as pictured on p.137 of FHTH


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